Thursday, November 18, 2010

Git the Teeth Guard

If you hot-foot it to the Palm theatre tonight you might be able to catch the documentary “Inside Job.”  Be warned, it’ll make you grind your teeth all night.  It’s a fascinating look at the Wall Street/Congressional thieves who engineered the take down of the world’s economy.  There’s also new book out, “All the Devils Are Here,” that also ‘splains how the Ponzi Scheme/Casino worked and is still working.

Yep, the lobbyists are busy at work meeting with “regulators” to get the recently passed, watered-down  “regulations” weakened even further or eliminated all together. The too-big-to-fail banks are now fewer and even bigger.  And the gamblers are back at work.  There’s a few gazillions of the public’s money left to loot and they’re busy doing that.

Meantime, the American voter’s response to this financial disaster was to put back into office the same people who helped cause the wreck and/or put into office corporate co-opted Tea Party naifs who will shortly be consumed by the old Pol sharks closing in on the poor fools as they flounder in the blood-soaked Washington waters.

And through all the wreckage documented in film and books is one overriding theme:  NO ACCOUNTABILITY.  There will be no perp walks, no jail time, no prosecutions, no Congressional hearings, nothing.  The crime of the century and it’s all Obi-Wan-Kenobi telling the weak-minded Star Troopers that they don’t need to see any papers, they just need to move along.

Meantime, 1% of the plutocrats now own 34% of America’s private net worth.  In short, the Era of the Robber Barons has returned.  We’re now officially a Banana Republic.  Wait.  We’re worse than most Banana Republics.

And here’s what the voters do:  Send Andy Harris to Congress on a platform of running against big government and running adamantly against government health care.  And what does Andy do during the orientation meeting for new Congressfolk?  He complains  about having to wait a month for his GOVERNMENT FUNDED CONGRESSIONAL HEALTH CARE to kick in.  He’s outraged that he has to wait a month for HIS policy.  Meantime, the folks who voted for him will have to wait, oh, like, forever, for their healthcare.

Ker-BLAM! goes the gun.  OWWW! My foot! cries America.  And I’m still stuck with the question:  Should all this be viewed as an American Tragedy?  Or as an American pratfall, Krazy-Kat, incredibly sick comedy?        


Spectator said...

Sick comedy! Absolutely correct! The progressive/socialist crew has been in control of congress for four years +. The RHINOs did not help.

Notice the sellout of American Taxpayers with the General Motors stock offering deal. I bet in another four years GM will try and get back to the trough. The Union pensions are not sustainable.

Actually, Union pensions throughout the US are unsustainable. Especially in California and New York.

So Ann wants free health care: move to Norway or Sweden but better have big bucks or they won't let you in. Maybe consider Cuba. (Sort of like the Hotel California,(Eagles) you can check in but you can never leave). Otherwise one has to pay for it. So sorry, so sad. Where is it written that health care is a constitutional right?

As to Banana Republics, I can buy bananas at two for a penny in Panama. Good to eat. My banana trees produce more than I can eat! Incidentally, if you peel them, they freeze and then vacuum pack beautifully for banana bread.

Churadogs said...

John sez:"Where is it written that health care is a constitutional right? "

I suppose it's the old all powers not enumerated herein reside with the people, who voted to create public education, social security, unemployment insurance, Medicare, labor laws, environmental laws, all kinds of laws. We the People voted all those things in and since they're not specifically forbidden by the Constitution, we're within our Constitutional right to vote to create those programs? I presume universal health care falls into that same category?