Saturday, November 27, 2010


This is just a test.  Had a wierd grey square start appearing under the headings on several posts.  After snooping around it appears it may have been a still-born video link that accidentally got started and like a bad guest, stuck around long, long after the party and then kept appearing on other later posts, totally unbidden.  Ghost in the machine. In trying to see what the heck had gone goofy, I inadvertently deleted the Nov 24th post while trying to delete the grey square.  Poof the whole blog posting disappeared.  Then I noticed that two later posts didn't have the annoying grey square on them, so now I'm wondering if the ghost-in-the-machine is now gone?  I'll try posting this and see if our grey square shows up.

Test, test.  This is just a test. 


Mike Green said...

Testing, OBTW the Butternut Squash soup was a big hit! Thanks!
Kicked it up with nutmeg and ginger and hot pepper.

Churadogs said...

Oooo, yes, nutmeg, ginger and peppers. Yes.

that soup really is nice. Using just water and mils (as ooposed to chicken stock) you can really taste the squash.

Hope you had a grand day.

Churadogs said...

Re the "Test." Accidentally deleting the post seemed to do the trick, but it was surely wierd. Turned out to likely have been a half-uploaded (accidentally started) video upload that went into ever-present limbo and hung around trying to place itself on each new post, likely hollering, "Here? Ya want me here? or there? How's about over here, on this post? No? How about this post?" and wouldn't go away. Very strange ghost in the machine. But then Blogger seems to have a lot of those weirdiosities.