Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Really? Bruce Too II?

Awww, ya gotta be kidding me.  Tuesday Tribune headlines:  "County mulls a code of behavior," and states,  "In the wake of an affair between county Supervisor Bruce Gibson and his legislative aide, a pair of key county officials say it is time to develop a code of conduct that would regulate such behavior."

Gee, ya think? 

Let's consider:  Two years ago, Supervisor Gibson had a front row seat when he presided over and voted to fire County Administrator Dave Edge for his e-mail involvement in the Gail Wilcox Hot Mess mess.  Up close and personal, he read the investigator's expensive, tax-payer financed report, with all the juicy details that ensue when people start Walking While Stupid, none of which involved Edge sleeping with anyone not his wife, by the way.  Furthermore, the Tribune notes that Gibson is "chairman of CSAC's [County Supervisors Association of California] government and operations policy committee, which deals with, among other things, employee relations. (emphasis mine.) I know of no government office that officially approves of a boss sleeping with his employee.  Indeed, it's generally understood that that's a really, really bad idea and is universally cautioned against.  Yet none of these things stopped Supervisor Gibson from sleeping with the legislative aide he hired.

Which means 1) Supervisor Gibson feels he is above any and all behavior norms, codes of conduct, or even common sense.  Or 2) Supervisor Gibson is incapable of learning anything from context and so is greatly in need of a list of clearly spelled out rules, such as, "Do Not Stick A Pencil In Your Eye," "Do Not Step Into The Open Door Of An Empty Elevator Shaft,"and "Do Not Have Sex With Your Subordinates."

So, yes, Board of Supervisors, please do let's get a Code.  It's too late to stop this particular horse's ass from bolting from the barn, but maybe it'll help other context-challenged Supervisors and/or employees.


Sandra Gore said...

I'm certain he feels all proud of himself for coming clean. His wife prolly found out, and he was forced to fess up. Who cares what sex life people have anyway? It's the hypocrisy that I can't stomach.

Churadogs said...

Yup. And why does the county have to spend so much time and money repeatedly having to clean up after these yahoos?

Anonymous said...

Gibson also had an affair with Anne Wyatt from the Planning Commission. That news has yet to break publicly.

Churadogs said...

Caution to readers, once again. Anything posted by anonymous posters has no credibility, so remember to please grab that pound of salt until credible sources actually do show up. Anybody can play the "Bruce Gibson had an affair with (fill in the blank)game." Doesn't make it so.

Alon Perlman said...

"Et tu, Brute? Then fall, Caesar!". The Sewer, even when touched by a 20 foot barge pole has been unkind to many a political career.

I saw Cheri Aspiro at many Los Osos related functions, including several times planting along the median on LOVR. She worked hard.

Yes the time to had codified employee conduct was after the Edge and Wilcox horses had bolted and their stalls burned down.

Both Bruce and Cherie found themselves spending long hours during the Osos process including on trips to Washington.

Hardly worthy a visit to the CCN site, whose pages have long allowed it's trolls and gossips to make a caricature of itself. Posters there categorize as illuminating voices very rarely and are effective to issues of government rarer yet.

CCN is a cud chewing soapstone rumor mill that could crack if it rolled over a kernel of truth. The same Carrion birds flock to gloat and caw and read entrails over at the Tribune comment section. Nothing new under the sun.

Churadogs said...

Alon sez:"Yes the time to had codified employee conduct was after the Edge and Wilcox horses had bolted and their stalls burned down"

the astonishment was that clearly they didn't bother to do that. Another astonishment is that they would even HAVE to do that, like spending tax dollars writing an employee handbook that starts out, "Do not stick a pencil in your eyeball." There are some things so blatantly obvious that they shouldn't need codifying and sleeping with employees under your direct supervision is one of them. ESPECIALLY after Edge/Wilcox. But, I guess not. Well, better late than never.