Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Terminex Time

Calhoun’s Cannons for November 13 2012

Termites.  Zombie termites.  Whack one over the head and you think that’ll take care of the problem but then you turn around and there he is again, softly munching on the door frame.  

Just like Karl Rove, the brain behind George Bush, the genius behind the Super PAC Crossroads GPS, the darling strategist of the Republicans.  It’s election night on Fox News and Karl was just hit over the head with a huge, thick, heavy book full of numbers; polling numbers, voting numbers, actual facts, and outside-the-bubble reality.  Thwock!

And still Karl wasn’t getting it. Clearly, not getting it.  Instead he was denying those numbers, and rattling off other numbers, happier numbers, Republican numbers that would show his client winning.  Until news anchor Megyn Kelly turned to him and said, right out loud, on air, on Fox News, straight from the belly of the Great Republican BS Bubble Machine, “Is this just math you do as a Republican to make yourself feel better or is this real?”

And there it was.  From the mouth of a babe.  Brave, pretty Megyn.  The whole Roger Ailes, Rupert Murdoch, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly ginned up Republican BS Bubble Machine finally exposed, the Ozian curtain pulled aside to reveal all the termites munching away. “Is this just math you do as a Republican to make yourself feel better or is this real?”

And suddenly, the jig was up, that years-long circle jerk of creepy old very well paid white guys (and several helmet-haired skinny blonds with fierce, rictus smiles) stroking and fueling one another with made up crap, pumped up on faux anger, fake numbers, heating themselves up into a sweaty frenzy of wacko conspiracy theories, racial dog whistle music, and Onanistic misogyny – all those Mexicans! Those Sluts! Those blacks who just want stuff! The moochers are coming! The moochers are coming!

Until it all came crashing down around the King of the Universe, gut stuck by pretty little Megyn and the mooching voters.  

Now, in a sane world, Karl, Sean, Rush, O’Reilly, et all would put paper bags over their heads and slink away in disgrace.  Mainstream newspapers would return their Op/Eds with a courteous, cool No Thank You.  Viewers would snort through their noses and change the channel.  But we don’t live in a sane world.  We live in a Zombie Termite world and shortly after Karl’s amazing sputter on election night, there he was in the Murdochian Wall Street Journal, holding forth in all his brazen punditry.  No shame.  No paper bag.  And from Right Wing World, not a guffaw, not even the hint of a snigger at these guys or a demand from sane Republicans for somebody to, please God, get them off the stage – they’re killing us!

Nope, not a bit of it. Instead, Hannity went on the air to rail at voters for voting for Obama, Bill O’Reilly whined about a world filled with people who just “wanted stuff,” and Rush Limbaugh simply had a complete meltdown – off the rails and utterly flummoxed by his self-created cognitive dissonance and blubbering at the prospect that his own privately invented Apocalypse was at hand. 

Then all of them started blaming the media.  And from their Poobah Pundit Lips came not a whisper of a horrifying possibility:  That America had heard all that the Great Right Wing Republican BS Machine had to say and politely said, No Thanks. That there just might be another reality that consisted of voters who were finally onto the Great Con that had been run on them for 30 years by those same pundits.  And that now, busted, their economy looted, their country beggared and themselves dispossessed, they finally woke up and pulled aside the curtain.    

But if you think you’ve seen the last of Rove and all the other discredited “talking heads” on the media circuit, well you’re out of luck.  Karl and the rest won’t go away. Like all the other official go-to yakkers on the Sunday Morning News Gab Fests, they’ve become a permanent fixture, an interchangeable troop of well paid character actors who appear weekly to play Discredited Democratic Hack arguing with Discredited Republican Hack, on what pretends to be a “news” show presided over by another actor pretending to be a “journalist, all interspersed by commercials for Depends and Mountain Dew.  And not a paper bag in sight. Or a Terminex guy.

World without end.  Thwock!     


Anne R. Allen said...

Wasn't Megyn amazing? Stepping out of the helmet-haired blonde bimbo brigade and into the light of sanity. She has a bright future ahead of her. Her toupeed and embalmed male cohorts, not so much.

Sandra Gore said...

No chance of Karl Rove, Rush or O'Reilly slinking off. Although we may enjoy this great victory of light over dark, the forces of hatred got a sizeable chunk of votes. Fox continues to spread poison, and those who believe it, continue to watch and slurp it up. I've got people on Facebook still wanting to "enlighten" me, convinced that I am just too naive to see the truth.
BTW, wasn't that whole thing on Fox staged? I heard they had rehearsed the camera walk...Looked like pure show biz to me. Maybe not Megyn's comment - who knows?

Alon Perlman said...

Stepping very slightly from the Fox part and out to the blathering blogosphere

Incidentally the election in Texas red state- 1.25 mil wanted Romney at 52% to 44%.

So a 2/3 majority vote to secede. wont be had.

Insanity is it's own excuse.

Once they actually secede and become a foreign nation- we can go to war on them. I claim dibs on the Alamo.

Ok here is a good example. I stumbled on this blog Blah Blah voter fraud
You think any of the rabid reporting or the hundred posters would fact check with the published results for Cleveland ACTUALLY Linked to in the article! None of the precincts have an implied 99% voter turnout and though the 0 ‘s in some precincts (Romny-Ryan) are real, they are consistent with all Cleveland precincts voting overwhelmingly for the POTUS.
The site linked to it but also google “Cleveland wards map 2012 results”
If anything the presence of a 99% in a number of precincts is more likely to be the result of either ghetto-ization or gerrymandering in previous elections.

So you have given the answer to the Question, Part II -Same as it ever was. That kind of frothing at the mouth is an endstate, though it will carry on forever.

Churadogs said...

Jon Stewart had Mike Huckabee as a guest and took him gently to task on Huckabee's campaign ad that had a subtest of Vote for Romney or Go to HEll, and what was so fascinating was Huckabee's absolute inability to see even the gilmmer of a possibility that there might be another way to view his ad. Absolutely incapable of the empathy to put his mind into another person's mind even for a moment or consider that there IS subtext. It was like asking a colorblind man to pick out the red circle on a table of bright colored circles. Physically/neuologically/visually can't do it. Can not. For him, black was black, period, end of discussion.

When you combine that incapability, often created and/or fueled and supported by absolutist religious belief with the secular power of government, then it gets scary.

The one good thing coming out of this election are the polls showing that the younger generation are disconnecting from "churches" and self identifying more as "spiritual" rather than identifying with a given "church" or formal belief system. Hopefully, this will allow them to see that in addition to black and white, there actually is a whole range of greys in the real world.

Ron said...

Ann writes:

"Rush Limbaugh simply had a complete meltdown"

I've listened to Rush's show twice in the past four years: November 5, 2008, and November 8, 2012, and, let me tell ya, THE BEST radio, EVER, is Rush Limbaugh the day after an Obama victory.

Oh my lord, HIGH-lar-i-ous.

"Why don't we get credit for Condoleezza Rice?!" "Why don't we get credit for Condoleezza Rice?!" "Why don't we get credit for Condoleezza Rice?!"

and, my personal favorite:

"I can't help but believe that we were outnumbered by the people that voted for Obama."
-- Rush Limbaugh, November 8, 2012

Uh, gee, Rush, ya think?

I can't help but believe that the football team with the most points at the end of the 4th quarter, won.

High level analysis.

Alon Perlman said...

I mistakenly believed that when the forty niners tied at the end of the fifth quarter overtime, that there would be a sixth quarter.

They (Rush) are looking to win in a non-existent overtime quarter.

The first Rush statement is from the mindset of Huckabee. (Who me? Racist? some of my best friends are %@#%!)
The second is odder- Does he not take comfort in the "Massive scale voter fraud" panacea available from the base which is the fringe?

There is that Calvinist Entitlement thing going on. Makes churches that had made book on proclaiming each other heretical suddenly face the same direction in Randian reverence and worship the same god-Mammon.
Then there is the open call to terrorists to attack our embassies on election day --- Look terrorists! pull our strings and we will run around like crazy.