Monday, November 19, 2012

Really? Bruce, too?

Oh Lord, it must be something in the water.  General Pretaeus all over the news for committing adultery and now our very own 2nd District County Supervisor, Bruce Gibson, turned out to be another middle-aged egotistical fool who carried on a secret affair with a woman who was not his wife, but was his legislative aide, a woman he interviewed and then hired and then slept with for a good long while, and when the secret was about to get out, he finally got around to telling his wife, then went public to claim it was all a matter of the heart and claim, with that typical smothering Gibsonian cascade of oleoagineous words, that he was chagrined most of all by the “breach of trust that [he] caused to occur with my constituents,”  and because this “relationship and my concealment of it will cause people to question my integrity.”

Bruce Gibson’s constituents trust him and believe he has integrity?  Really?

In General Pretaeus’ case, he least had the integrity to resign, but in Gibson’s case, the poor voters have no such luck.  Instead, the County went into a well practiced CYA dance.  Staff spent gazillions of tax-payer-financed hours combing through all of Gibson and Ms.Cherie Aispuro’s emails and travel vouchers to see if they could glean anything that might stick them with a sexual harassment lawsuit.  And then, because the county doesn’t have a written policy prohibiting such boss/employee canoodling, instead of firing Ms. Aispuro for Walking while Stupid (sleeping with your boss and thereby creating a “hostile workplace"), it raced to make sure Ms. Aispuro was given another job in another department at her nice cushy $68,890 salary, again to ward off any possible later lawsuits by Ms. Aispuro who might decide that while Gibson remained untouched in the Cat Bird Seat (no paper bag over the head for him! He's likely getting himself groomed for a run at higher office!), she had just been given the bum’s rush, and now that her reputation and career are permanently in the toilet, she might decide to Call Her Lawyer.
Well, in this county, that’s how it’s done.

As for Gibson, he’ll remain in office, and no doubt spend his last two years boring everyone to death with self-justification whining or slip into his endless stem-winding, Explain-It-All-For-You  Supervisorial from-the- dais lecture a constant stream of defensive references to how much integrity he has, thereby causing everyone within the sound of his voice to roll their eyes and mumble, “Sure,sure, Bruce, sure, whatever you say.”

But the evidence speaks for itself.  Like all Pols, Bruce has been betraying one group of constituents or another from the day he took office -- promise X, deliver Y, then defensively deny or weasle away from the cold-blooded pre-planned switch. The fact that this comes far too easily to Bruce speaks directly to both character and integrity. 

And, as for matters of the heart, a man of integrity cleans up his messy love life before embarking on an affair of the heart .  A man with no integrity double-deals as long as he can get away with it, and only when discovery is nigh does he cover his egotistical, lying ass by exposing his mistress to scorn and hanging his wife out to dry.

Then goes to the local newspaper to speak of “integrity” and “trust.”


Anonymous said...

Don't recall a similar blog article concerning Julie Tacker?

Anonymous said...

Or Gail McPherson
Or Lisa Shicker
Or Chuck Censena
Or Steve Senet
Or John (run away and hide) Fouche
Or any other LON's of distinction.

Anonymous said...

Or Richard LeGros
Or Stan (run and hide) Gustafson
Or Gordon Hensley
Or Pandora Nash (MWH) Karner
Or Judith "Slander Pig" Reilly
Or Lou "Professor of Hate" Tornatsky
Or any thieving Dreamer of extinction that ruined Los Osos to make themselves feel better

Anonymous said...

Or Jon "Crapkiller" Arcuni (tax evasion)
Or Joyce "4Crapkiller" Albright (helping Jon evade paying taxes)
Or Steve "SharkInlet" Rein (hacked university computers to promote Christian extremism)
Or Sharon Fredericks (accused of embezzling money from Congregation Beth David)

Ron said...

Ann, I've said it before, I'm gonna say it again: You're the best media in the county.

And, of course, what this story shows yet again, is that, for a story to gain any traction in this county, it has to involve genitalia. Edge/Wilcox, Ogren/Kelly, and now Bruce, and what's-her-face.

To me, Bruce's fling is, like, the FIFTH most integrity-crushing thing thing he's done, yet, of course, it's the one that gets the most attention.

The umero uno -- by far -- integrity-crushing-thing-Bruce-has-done (and it happened in his first month in office, by the way), is (re)appoint Pandora Nash-Karner to the SLO County Parks Commission, AFTER it was exposed how Nash-Karner developed, and then implemented, a "strategy" (her word) to have the entire community of Los Osos "fined out of existence" (also her words), simply because the community voted down her disastrous Tri-W scam.

And, frankly, that's beyond integrity-crushing. That's flat-out disgusting. I mean, he KNEW she developed, and then implemented, a "strategy" to have the entire community of Los Osos "fined out of existence," yet, he STILL went ahead and appointed her as a SLO County official, which also makes her a client of the County Counsel's office. And obviously, that is one SWEET shield to have. It makes you Teflon. Apparently, if you're a client of the County Counsel's office, you can run as many scams as you want, and nothing will ever stick to you.

But, of course, that mind-blowingly amazing story didn't involve genitalia, so it got zero traction... of courrrrrsssse.

Ann writes:

"Then goes to the local newspaper ..."

On a Friday afternoon.... of... course.

Yep, the good ol' "Friday news dump." [Google it.]

Bruce sez:

"... my concealment of it will cause people to question my integrity."

Damn, that's funny.

Anonymous said...

Say Ron, where's your piece on Julie Tacker?

Anonymous said...

Say Anon, where's your piece on Pigfart Reilly and town bankrupter switch-hitter LeGros?

Anonymous said...

What a lonely person the 3:14 Anonymous twit is.

Apparently the twit cooked up a little too much juice that time, which explains the noticeable brain damage.

Still, it would be appreciated to see an honest write-up about Julie Tacker and her affairs which did concern the CSD. No one seemed to care back then, except for her husband, so why should anyone care about Gibson at this time?

Inspite of Julie and Jim, the sewer is finally under construction!

Churadogs said...

Anon 7:28 sez:" Anonymous said...

Don't recall a similar blog article concerning Julie Tacker?"

You must be a Republican. They love these false equivalencies. Just because I write about X I have to comment on Y. No, I don't.

Anon 8:47 sez:" Anonymous said...

Or Gail McPherson
Or Lisa Shicker
Or Chuck Censena
Or Steve Senet
Or John (run away and hide) Fouche
Or any other LON's of distinction."

These people slept with their legislative aides?? Really? CALL THE TRIBUNE!

Ron, you're right, again. If it doesn't involve private parts, it ain't news. What I love best about this story is how practiced the county's become in handling these canoodling eruptions -- sorta like fire-drills. They've done so many of them now, I tell you, they've got this down to a precise clock-work science! It's a beautiful thing to watch being executed.

Anon 9:49 sez: In spite of Julie and Jim, the sewer is finally under construction!"

The sewer in its present form was a done deal the moment the County took over the project. All the rest was window dressing.

Churadogs said...

forgot to mention, over at CalCoastNews' comment section, some Anonymouse noted that Bruce was on the Board when the Board (Gibson) voted to fire Dave Edge in the 2009 Edge/Wilcox mess. Apparently nobody learns anything, not even Gibson.

Ron said...

An anon writes:

"Say Ron, where's your piece on Julie Tacker?"

Tell ya what: The moment Julie Tacker "phones" the executive director of the local Water Board to develop, and then implement, a "strategy" to have the entire community of Los Osos "fined out of existence," I'll be all over it. Trrrrruuussst meeeee.

Incidentally, when it comes to many former Los Ososans, Pandora's twisted little "strategy" was a smashing success.

Ann writes:

"... some Anonymouse noted that Bruce was on the Board when the Board (Gibson) voted to fire Dave Edge in the 2009 Edge/Wilcox mess."

Right. And to make things worse, Gibson voted to fire Edge DESPITE the fact that the final report in that mess -- where the county hired that lawyer to pop out that expensive and extensive report -- concluded that there was "no evidence of sexual harassment" by Edge in that entire fiasco, and, to this day, I (and the rest of the county, for that matter) have no idea why David Edge was fired.

Soooo... if you're keeping score at home:

David Edge: Gonzo, for no apparent reason whatsoever.

Gibson, Ogren, and Nash-"fine out of existence"-Karner: Still walking the halls of county government.

I swear, the 2nd District is like the Florida of SLO County. It's sleazy corruptness brings down the entire county.

Uh, is there anyway we can just break off the entire 2nd District, and be just a four District county? I'm sure the answer's "no," but, that'd sure be helpful to the rest of SLO County.

FOGSWAMP said...

We are witnessing regionally and perhaps globally an almost surrender of what defines public ethics and morality. Public officials are accorded iconic status even after they admit to offenses. In some instances based on history, they seem to be rewarded.

Seemingly, this concept of political immorality (Ancient Rome) is at cross purposes with our base home grown values that were instilled in us.

The advancement of society based on purpose driven non political activity becomes a moving target because of the messenger.

How will society remember their leaders? Will this new sense of political immorality be allowed to gain further currency? Will an institution stand behind a leader in the face of his public offenses?

Bruce Gibson has left a political trail that reflects a politician who makes up his own rules and administers his own judgement despite whom he offends, publicly or privately.

Anonymous said...

" speak of “integrity” and “trust.” "

That would pertain to the PZLDF as clearly spoken in the Lawsuit.
Open and honest?

" speak of “integrity” and “trust.” "

Do those words have in meaning in Ann's response to how the PZLDF paid their legal fees?

Anonymous said...

You talk about Gibson and his babe, but where's that piece on Pigfart Reilly and Fleabrain Beardon? Is Fleabrain just Pigfart's landlord... or her lover? Do they sleep in the same septic tank... or is it just plutonic, sharing only the same box of cat food, the same hook-up, and a sewer they can't afford? Is this how Taxpayers Watch takes care of its wounded veterans????

Anonymous said...

Someone should punch Judith Reilly's lights out...

... because they're way too bright at night. It's giving people seizures.

Anonymous said...

Good one...

Anonymous said...


Ann likes and encourages the ranting of the likes of Anonymous 2:56.

Civil discourse is too boring and besides, who would be interested in common sense?

Anonymous said...

I don't know, anon 5:25 AM, I kind of agree with anon 2:56. You can't have Taxpayers Watch running their mouths off and continually dividing the community forever.

Anonymous said...

As far as I can tell, TW did actually help the community and haven't been out there with some new issue. Did any of the previous CSD or PZLDF win any lawsuit and return the judgement to the betterment of the community ? Maybe you have some agenda against TW and don't really know anything factual, just rumor or negative thoughts ?

As far as dividing the community, who is going around with such a load in their pants like Anon 2:56 ?

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your comments
on Bruce...but the COMMENTS blew
me away!

Anonymous said...

Anon 12;24 PM you contradict yourself. Taxpayers Watch is a divisive element in the community that must be put to rest if the community is ever going to move forward.

If you think, Taxpayers people did something good then you are doing PR, but that's your problem. Most of the community knows TW are just a few trash-talkers who do nothing but hawk their wares to an unsympathetic public that knows better.

If you have a problem with PZLDF, go for it. But stop trying to sell us Taxpayers Watch garbage as perfume. It smells like shit to everyone else except to you because you live in it everyday.

Anonymous said...

It is fun to watch those posters who really don't have a clue.

That's you Anon 3:13

Quit making stuff up! I don't think you know anything about PZLDF or TW. It is precisely YOU who is still trying to be divisive! Get a life!

Anonymous said...

Taxpayers Watch files a group of lawsuits, which the LOCSD had to use their legal resources to defend. CSD manages to get their insurance to cover the tab. Still money out. TW's settlement manages to get BWS drop their claims along with the water board and says they've "given residents more than one million dollars." Not exactly.

The LOCSD had to defend themselves against lawsuits while they weren't in the fiscal shape to do so. Thus, the costs they did have on hand were diverted to legal defense and counsel, which effectively froze their coffers and they couldn't approve the contracts and invoices related to the post-recall WWP.

So PZLDF? Not beneficial.
TW? Not beneficial.

Anonymous said...

Yawn, you really are a bore with an over-active imagination.

and as Ann would say, you're bat-shit crazy!

Churadogs said...

Anon 6:11 sez of Anon 4:54: "and as Ann would say, you're bat-shit crazy!"

Uh, no, Anon 4:54 pretty accurately outlined some of what went down, so he/she/s not crazy, batshit or any other kind.