Saturday, November 03, 2012

The Question

Calhoun’s Cannons for November 3, 2012

It’s hard to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it.
     Upton Sinclair

O.K. Congress, The Question: Is New Jersey wet enough for you?

It’s a fair question for an elective body that is filled with Climate Deniers, including some of whom are serving on, of all things, the science and energy committees. Really?  Science Committees?  Only in America.  

New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, already has an answer.  Ditto, New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg and so, I suspect, does Republican New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, who originally stumped for climate-change derider, Mitt Romney.  But now Christie’s standing next to President Obama and no doubt thanking his lucky stars that Mitt Romney didn’t get a chance to defund and privitize FEMA.  Well, of all the governors and mayors in America, who better than these guys to start  coming up with answers to that basic question.

In the great Blizzard of 1888, New York was totally paralyzed and decided that it had better put all its utilities and a good chunk of its transportation underground so as to not get caught again by snow.  So it dug tunnels and subway tubes and criss-crossed its landscape with what are basically huge underground pipes that are now filled up with water.

Water.  Rain and storm surge from a rising sea level, all of which arrived last week and will continue to arrive with increasingly ferocious regularity.  Unlike their Washington counterparts, Cuomo, and Bloomberg and, I suspect, Christie get it.  And are now finally discussing the obvious – New Jersey has now become our New Normal and we’d better deal with it.

Which is a shocking statement of fact that had a good many conservative Washington Pols twittering nervously.  The House of The Koch Brothers is a flimsy carbon burning structure that stays alive only because of our corrupt and corrupting election processes.  Pols gotta dance with them what bought ‘em and nobody pays better than Big Oil and Coal.  So it’s no wonder that so much of Congress is blind, willfully blind, embarrassingly blind, destructively blind, hiding in the closet with their money and their eyes scrunched shut, thinking the storms won’t find them there.

And now here comes The Guvs and the Mayors, like some kind of modern day Alice in Wonderland pointing out the obvious – Your house, my house, all our houses are nothing but a pack of cards.  They cannot hold. 

The Pentagon figured that out a few years ago.  They’ve been writing White papers for some time detailing exactly how Global Climate Change is a severe national security threat.  The Seabees know about pipes and tunnels and sea surges and high ground.  They’ve been looking at the coasts of America and what they’ve been seeing for some time now is New Jersey, writ large. 

Ditto for the insurance companies.  More quiet samizdat White Papers have been making the rounds: Private insurance companies are realizing that they cannot cover their bets, cannot afford to keep writing paper like they have been, too many “at risk” properties, too many “pre-existing conditions,” too many “New Jerseys” and “fire-stormed” Colorados and “crop-loss” Iowas.  Which means that Americans will soon find that they will no longer be “in safe hands,” and the fine print in their various insurance policies will start getting smaller, more expensive, and more convoluted until translated into the obvious:  Sorry, we no longer cover that . . . whatever it is . . .  and neither does any insurance company in the world.   

Welcome to Climate Change America. Where pivoting seriously to non-carbon burning energy will be expensive while NOT pivoting will be even more expensive, because, one way or the other, Mother Nature will be paid.

And so the Question to Congress. Is New Jersey finally wet enough for you?


Anne R. Allen said...

I thought it was telling how many of the photos of "Sandy" being shared on FB were mixed in with stills from the global-warming sci-fi movie "The Day After Tomorrow." Reality is living out Sci-Fi speculation in front of our eyes. Nobody sane can deny global warming. But crazies can deny anything. There are still Holocaust deniers. And people who say we never went to the moon and the earth is flat. And the President is a gay Muslim from Mars who murdered his grandmother. There will always be crazies. What we have to do is stop electing them.

Anonymous said...

Holy hot air, Ann
Back to talking about the weather?

How about some transparency on the PZLDF lawsuit outcome and cost?

Anonymous said...


You know by now that Ann will never 'splain why she shouldn't have to pay for a lawsuit against the State. She thinks that the CSD should still be paying to fight a continual battle to delay, stop any sewer outside LO.

We can only hope she has to pay her portion of that PZLDF frivolous suit that she signed and cheerfully fostered to the few very misguided property owners. Ann may lose her house over this nonsense.

We'll notice that Gail, Julie and Lisa only shilled for the lawsuit, but they never sighed like Ann did. Can only hope justice will bring those three before a judge and jury one day!

Anonymous said...

Judge will come to Gail when justice comes to Pandora.

Churadogs said...

Anne sez:" There will always be crazies. What we have to do is stop electing them."

Amen to that. Let's see if the Congresspeople from New Jersey and New York will now start a little dialogue with their colleagues in congress?

Anonymous said...

That's right Ann.
Keep on being obtuse and dishonest about the dismissal of the PZLDF lawsuit; your involvement in it; and the damage it has brought all of us.

Keep on lying to us.
Keep on lying to yourself.
That is all you understand.

Anonymous said...

To learn how to lie better, please review Pandora Nash-Karner's history of fraud and greed, then review Taxpayers Watch's record of division and destruction to the community, and you have the proper context with which to indict Gail and Ann.

Anonymous said...

TW recovered $1,150,000 for the community; and cost the LOCSD $0 in doing so.
So exactly how was TW divisive or greedy in returning $1,150,000 to you and the community?

PZLDF recovered $0 for the community; and cost the LOCSD about $40,000 in legal fees doing so.

Seems to me the divisive and greedy ones are the ones that pressed their issue at great cost to the Community while returning NOTHING.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't there an agreement between PZLDF and the CSD that the CSD would pay 25% of the legal costs and PZLDF would pay 75%?

So if the CSD paid $40,000, then the PZLDF must have paid $120,000.

What's the big problem?

Sewertoons AKA Lynette Tornatzky said...

The problem was the CSD never got to see the total bill, and just pay their 25% of that total bill - all of the claims on billing were opaque/redacted. So the CSD may have footed the entire bill without knowing it, no one knows. (Well, Shaunna Sullivan knows but she isn't telling.)

Anonymous said...

What a joke. Laughable.

The supposed 25%-75% split never happened.
The LOCSD paid the entire PZLDF legal bill until the CSD wised up and dropped out of the lawsuit in 2010.

Since then, either PZLDF's attorney (Sullivan) has been working for free, or she has built up quite a legal fee that has to be paid (by PZLDF); unless PZLDF stiffs her.

PZLDF always was/is screaming for transparency of process. Transparency is nothing but a fancy work for honesty.

When it comes to PZLDF being transparent/honest with the folks they claim to want to protect, they just hide all that they are actually doing.
They just do not want to talk honestly with the community.

Anonymous said...

"TW recovered $1,150,000 for the community; and cost the LOCSD $0 in doing so."

That's a load of bullshit. The only person who says that is Richard LeGros, and everyone knows he's retarded.

Anonymous said...

Since Ann is one of the signers of the PZLDF lawsuit, why hasn't she been open and honest with the community? Is it that she has not paid her share of the PZLDF bill?

Now that the suit has been decided in favor of the State, does that mean that Ann also has to pay her share of the Legal fees? Surely the CSD is not going to have to pay those fees for the PZLDF also?

Anonymous said...

LeGros' legacy is bankrupting the community and keeping us from having an affordable sewer. Otherwise he did a good job.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous 2:22, are you defending Ann for not paying her share of the failed PZLDF lawsuit?

Anonymous said...

It appears TW paid their responsibilities, but what about PZLDF?

How do the PZLDF property owners feel about the community considering them of being a bunch of deadbeats? Ann, how about defending that position? or do you need to wait for Ron to write your response?

Anonymous said...

Judith Really lives on 7th street, right? Someone should unplug that bitch's computer. She's out of control!

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what the people before me were talking about...the
PEWWHRTY law suit and all the other
I just wanted to say thanks Ann for
a wonderful article about Climate

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:59 PM is more than out of control, very sick!

Instead of trying to attack someone you really don't know, why don't you tell us why Ann Calhoun has NOT paid her portion of the very failed PZLDF lawsuit? Or don't you know and are just popping off as usual!

Sewertoons AKA Lynette Tornatzky said...

If anyone would like to see the hundreds of thousands of dollars that Taxpayers' Watch got for Los Osos out of the settlement, you can e-mail me for a copy of the court judgement which I will send you. Use my address.

Otherwise, you can set up a PACER account (free) and access the records yourself. Go to to set up an account. You will need to have a credit card and pay for documents that you look at and download - it is really cheap. I think this cost me $1.40.

The tab is bankruptcy
The region is 9
The case number is: 9:06-bk-10548
That is all you need to do the search, you can ignore the other stuff
The document number (once you are in the list of cases) is 181
If you click to see it, you will pay - I think it is 10¢ a page and it is 14 pages long, but you will be alerted of this

There you go. Read this and then you will see that TW did get money back for Los Osos. From Burke Williams Sorenson. (Which actually opens up that old and mysterious can of worms as to why they were willing to give up SO MUCH money!)

Anonymous said...

Must be pretty lonely on YOUR stupid blog site, eh Loonyette???? Come to squat here for the bitters?

It's obviously been a long time since you lived in the real world. Absolutely NO ONE -- except Looey, Judy and Richie of course -- wants anything to do with the hideous stain Taxpayers Watch has left on LO.

After all, the leaders of Taxpayers Watch bankrupted the community before they were recalled and prevented us from having an affordable sewer. That's what Taxpayers Watch has given us. It's well documented. You probably missed it.

NO ONE GIVES A HOOT about anything you babble because they know you're retarded (also well documented)and they know Taxpayers Watch cost us everything and saved us nothing, regardless of what you would like others to think of your ridiculous wet fantasy.

Really now, do you seriously think anyone in the world cares about what four dysfunctional Dreamers dream????

The reality is that the only can of worms you are opening is whatever comes out of your mouth.

Anonymous said...

WOW That new sewer sure looks great! No longer a dream! and just a few still bitter losers still complaining! Just pay the PZLDF legal fees, you wanted the lawsuit, now you get to pay!!!

Anonymous said...

PZLDF doesn't have to pay legal since the fees were incurred while the org was still a 501c3 -- so get your money from the Pandora.

Anonymous said...

Keep hoping!

In the mean time, give thanks to the BOS for moving the sewer along!

Anonymous said...

What do you care about the sewer anyway? You'll be in a rest home eating farina through a catheter crying "Mama!"

Anonymous said...

"In the mean time, give thanks to the BOS for moving the sewer along!"

Another gem from one of Gibson's Bottom Girls.

Anonymous said...

How can one eat farina through a catheter?? You do know a catheter
measures output, not input,right?
Sounds like an Oaks,

Anonymous said...

"Sounds like an Oaks."

So you're saying that if a tree could blog, it would make more sense than you?

Anonymous said...

PZLDF should have to pay Tornatskys psychiatric bills. Who else can be responsible for such damage?

Anonymous said...

Sorry you didn't get the 'joch' Anon 9:11. I didn't think it was that subtle.

Anonymous said...

No clue what you're talking about, but OK.

Sewertoons AKA Lynette Tornatzky said...

Hilarious Anon 4:10!