Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Letter To The Prez & My Reps

Ah, yes, time to write and mail a letter.

March 27, 2010

To President Obama and my elected representatives,

THANK YOU for sticking with the appalling, exhausting battle for health care. I haven’t seen things get this ugly since the civil rights battles, which is what a lot of this displaced anger and rage is all about anyway. That, and the sad sell-out of Main Street to the insurance industry and big Pharma. But thank your for at least holding enough of the line to enable us to start the process of real reform.

To that end, I would encourage you all to keep pushing. I fully support Congressman Grayson’s bill to allow a “Medicare buy in program” for those who want it. As he has pointed out, taxpayers have already invested enormous sums into a “public option” infrastructure that’s up and running well. Since they’ve already invested in it, they should be able to choose whether they want to join it and pay the buy-in fees. Since “choice” has been the Republican mantra, this should be a no-brainer. I would ask you to support Mr. Grayson’s bill.

I want you to also vote for strong rules and real oversight for Wall Street. If we folks on Main Street had done what those boys have done, (and apparently are continuing to do) we’d all be in jail. Time for the grownups to put some real rules in place. Which means I also support a strong consumer financial protection agency. One with real teeth. Main Street has seen enough foxes being put in charge of chicken coops. And most important, we truly need a very strong carbon tax/ cap & trade program and full support for green technologies. From what I read, China is way ahead of us in that field. China? This is simply not acceptable. We’re now dependent on foreign oil. We don’t need to be dependent on “foreign green technology” as well.

And President Obama, you need to issue an executive order that requires the military to “stand down” on the “don’t ask” policy until the year-long “study” is complete. We can’t afford to continue to lose good soldiers for the next 12 months simply because they’re gay. It’s not only wrong, it’s stupid and wasteful.

I know you’re all exhausted. But now is the time to get ‘r done. John McCain has already made the Republican message clear: NO COOPERATION for the next year, so please don’t waste time seeking bipartisanship. And stop watering down programs and bills until they simply turn into Republican bills only to find that the Republicans had no intention of voting for them in the first place. That’s the sucker-punch strategy of The Republican “Mook’s Game,” which is now clear: Break the President and Make all Democratic Programs Fail. O.K. Understood. Did you get the message? Good.

So, please, please continue to find and show the courage to move ahead and do what’s necessary anyway. Millions of people are depending on you to set so many, many things right.



Ann Calhoun
Los Osos, CA 93402


annerallen said...

Amen. Great letter. I especially agree that "the civil rights what a lot of this displaced anger and rage is all about anyway."

The Republicans have reversed themselves on so many major policies, they don't have anything left but their pointy white hoods. (Republican Mitt Romney invented this health care reform while the Mass governor, and the party was for universal coverage before Glenn Beck told them not to be.)

Now they no longer want to particpate in governing the country. Fine. It was nice to have a two-party system but now we don't. The Republican party has become the Terrorist party, with Sarah Palin as their own Osama bin I-hate-democracy. They take their orders from foreigners (Fox News) and hate the American government.

RIP GOP. Too bad. We'll miss them.

Maybe they'll all move to the United Arab Emirates, with Haliburton and that Saudi prince who's part owner of Faux News.

Alon Perlman said...

Anne-r, RIP? Wishful thinking perhaps? They aint going nowhere, and they are taking us all along with them.
I will waste my wishful thinking on the (Once a great-) Notion that perhaps there will arise a relative Giant such as a Will F. Buckley, of whom I know little, other than if you reverse the direction-> palin-> bush->bush->bush->Reagan-> Nixon there would be a party that actually follows it's supposed ideals and can communicate them at a higher level, and makes people (shudder) think.
Didn't Reagan at least say that the best government is Local government? Before he got to War-shington. (for a good look at a popular actor, and in no way the worst president ever [o.k., other than tipping the media versus democracy war into its current, and final death-spiral ↓.] See the link ‘well there you go again’ posted in Ann’s Previous and somewhat related Blog entry Thurs. or here )
((Oh, and listen to the other guy, who speaks before Ronnie does at the end. 1980 “30 Years ago”®™))
Many Bumper Stickers actually Stated “Palin” ABOVE “McCain”. How is that not the Reddest flag ever? The Saddest State of affairs there is? What is a four letter word for a Slow wind powered boat from China indeed?
“What am I reading, Michelle? A letter with directions from a Citizen in California… Oh, yes she knows about the Mook game. Yes, we knew about that going in.”

Now this is freaky, remember that the word verification is NOT supposed to be a real word, I use them as “muses”
Word Verification: antspin
Spin for ants? Which one is driving the floating rolling Log, or Anti-spin?

Churadogs said...

Alon sez:"Didn't Reagan at least say that the best government is Local government?"

No, he said government was the problem, not the solution. Sadly, he was only half right. Only Government can do certain things better than private enterprize, and vice versa. Unfortunately, the Republicans drank the Kook-Aide and only got 1/2 of the equation right. Thus begineth the destruction of the middle-class and the engineered trickle-up rise of the rich. Weirdly, wasn't Reagan originally a Democrat?