Monday, March 29, 2010


Note: For some reason, the direct link to Piper's Viewpoint isn't working, but the link should take you to the main page and if you type in Looking for Transparency, the Viewpoint should come up. Or try and type in Looking. . . & etc? Ah, joys of blogging.


alabamasue said...

Piper Reilly's 'opinion' piece is right there on the front page of Cal Coast News- just scroll down to 'opinion'. No typing or searching necessary. I also think it odd that no comments are allowed.

Sewertoons said...

I wonder who designated "no comments?" Cal Coast or Piper?

alabamasue said...

I wonder, too. I emailed the editor yesterday but haven't heard back yet.

Sewertoons said...

I e-mailed them too - have heard nothing back either!

TheOpenEye said...

Why is it not surprising that you lifelong slanderers "wonder" why there are no comments allowed on Piper Reilly's opinion piece on CalCoastNews?

Spank me for askin' Mama!

Sewertoons said...

Since she has written half truths designed to influence opinion, and innuendo aimed at drawing erroneous conclusions, we wonder why we are not allowed to make those observations. Especially since the other "opinions" allow comments.

Alon Perlman said...

Cannot find the page you are looking for.
Use the search form below to find your article or post or browse our latest articles to read something more interesting.

It's still a free country.
But if you must...

Churadogs said...

I have no idea why the "no comment" on the CalCoastNews site on this opinion piece, though TheOpenEye certainly has a point. If you hear back from CalCoast, let us know whose decision that was. Have to presume The Editors, but . . .

Alon Perlman said...

Entitlement ≠ Enlightment

Mama knows best, spare the rod and spoil the child.
While it is not doing homework it is not learning, can it get by copying all its life? ;

This has not apparently been done in CalCoast Opinion Section History
I posted this elsewhere at CalCoast on 3/28 (being a Sunday) =
"(In very related Los Osos News (Sewer=Everything=Politics)
Even more bizarre is the current 3 day (It is during a weekend) suppression of comments on the following opinion piece considering that a previous opinion piece on the same subject, by the same author did not seem to attract objectionable comments (at least as I saw during my frequent visits)
[[[[Looking for transparency in Los Osos

In the; Nothing new under the Sun ☼ or crawling ﻰ under the rocks department©.
Some engage in "preemptive Hypocracy", but it is too early in the morning to dwell on the rancid smell of the be-a-con of b-light.

Word verification for today; mogednes
Beautiful, but it has a deeper meaning than can be expressed here;
To find absolute ≡ truth in the opinions of others is sheer mogednes.

Piper said...

sewertoons, I stated facts pure and simple, get over it. They are not half truths designated to whatever. Google it yourself and read the AP articles. I did not ask calcoastnews for anything, I assume they didn't want to engage in this sort of non sense.

TheOpenEye said...

"Since she has written half truths designed to influence opinion, and innuendo aimed at drawing erroneous conclusions, we wonder why we are not allowed to make those observations. Especially since the other "opinions" allow comments."

It's obvious, or should be. Piper has been called every name in the book. Personal attacks subtract.

Your opinions are as repetitive and well-known -- stated here and on every blog under multiple identities -- as those who parade before the BOS and at every meeting.

Since you coddle slanderers and are one yourself, you lack both the credibility and civility to merit equal time to air more of the same.

More appropriately, I suggest you contact CalCoastNews and ask them if you can write a Counterpoint with the same number of words as Piper's piece. That way you can test their editorial policy -- and your own ability to forward your argument(s) constructively.

Alon's comments are barely coded with his patented seething hatred for anyone, such as myself, who find him thoroughly unfit to serve the community in any public capacity.

Alon is one major reason why there are no comments allowed on Piper's piece. Misogyny is a crime against women. Hypocrisy is a porous shield.

Go write one of your own that makes as much sense, if not more, than Piper's.

If you can't do that and can only fill little white boxes with wives' tales, gibberish and venom, then maybe you should think about finding something better to do with your time besides beating on your neighbors for what amounts to your personal gratification.

Mike said...

...let's all remember that "Sweet Piper" has called those she disagrees with just about every nasty name her gutter vocabulary allows... so watch the kettle you are calling black...

Piper said...

Who are you Mike? I got mad at one woman once who used to come to meetings and would never come up with any science and then I spoke to her face. You are totally out of line in what you are saying about me. What gives you the right to say anything about me, at least I speak out in the open and to people's faces, you hide like a coward and then say spiteful, horrible things. My opinion piece, is based on information I got from various newspaper articles. Go do some research yourself and stop your nastiness. I do not have gutter vocabulary and if I knew who you were I would go after you for slander.

M said...

Could Mike be that "one women" at that meeting?
I don't get the uproar over the no commenting thing. An opinion piece is the authors opinion. If you want to counter it, write your own opinion and sign your name to it.
Sincerely, M

Piper said...

Even if that is "Mike" I did not use profanity and there were others there at the time so it is still slander. Obviously I have hit a nerve by exposing the truth. When I submitted my article to ccn, I provided my sources. It is not opinion, those are facts.

Alon Perlman said...

This String is Absolutely Amazing, even by Los Osos Standards.
Thank you Piper for Clarifying re the "No Comments".
It is well written as a peice.

My personal exposure to the subject matter previously, aside.

Sewertoons said...

Piper's assumptions:

1. Newspaper articles are meant to be judge and jury of guilt or innocence of MWH. They are guilty.

2. MWH's contract with New Orleans is getting an amendment, which means that we should be getting an amendment to put Step/Steg back into the process.

3. That gravity construction firms cannot build to performance standards, only Step/Steg contractors can do that.

4. With no documentation, we should believe that Morro Bay's MWH is both "heavily flawed" (Piper's opinion) and that the contract was "questionably procured" (Piper's opinion).

5. The guy whose laptop was stolen is now head of the MB project, but because the 2005 LO project was shot down, he should never work again, he is guilty of something.

6. MWH is on the short list, and because Piper says so, they will win the bid.

What I actually see is that:

1. New Orleans doesn't seem to know how to run itself properly.

2. Allegations mean guilt in Piper's eyes. A civics/government course is needed to right this erroneous assumption.


1. The manager's laptop was the only thing stolen. (All the office computers were stolen.)

2. MWH's records were gone. (There actually were back-ups at the home office.)

3. Step/Steg was not looked at. (It was, just not to the satisfaction of some.)

4. Gibson breached the contract in 2009 to remove Step. (Stopping Step was not his decision alone. No contract was breached.)

How does disagreeing with an opinion piece constitute "beating on neighbors" and that what we (who disagree) write is only "wives' tales, gibberish and venom?"

Alon Perlman said...

Four nights ◙
and four days ☼
it rained, then it stopped.


And the waters ≈≈≈≈ calmed -----


And a white dove was released,


and peace returned under heaven.

Piper said...

Lynette, why do you support MWH so steadfastly? All we are asking for is an open and honest process. That has not happened. There was never even a tech memo done on gravity and then info was cherry picked. At least you bring up arguable points. As I have said before, I appreciate you as a person, no personal attacks on character. Thank you

Sewertoons said...

What more did you you want to know about gravity? In my eyes that info was cherry picked to say gravity was bad, when in fact, we'd get new pipes of the latest materials and would not get the I & I and exfiltration like the averages given in "Flows and Loads." Included there were figures for old-style materials used over many, many years and that were probably poorly maintained. Gravity was given a worst case scenario.

The process appeared to be open and honest in my opinion. If anything, the cheaper way to go was Tri-W, and that was left out of the discussion completely as it was a political hot potato.

I am not supporting MWH, I am supporting the concept that a person/company is not guilty until proven guilty. They are innocent in the eyes of the law until then.

My question to you is, with so little to go on, why are you so invested in slamming MWH? Do you think that this will bring the Lyles Group back in?

FOGSWAMP said...

Could it be that MWH was just a "victim" of the well known New Orleans public corruption?

A New Orleans Times-Picayune article referring to a Johnson Controls Inc scandal in 2005-06 stated in the article headed "Saving New Orleans or Scamming It ?" " Indeed, the breadth of the graft and greed alleged in the indictment is breathtaking, even by the standards of a city inured to public corruption".

This scam also involved FEMA money, and the Feds investigated the scheme to skim money from a $81 million NO BID energy saving contract.

Johnson Controls, a Fortune 100 corporation with 32 billion in annual sales was contracted to reduce the city energy bills.

The city project manager and Johnson Controls project manager reportedly received at least $100,000 each and were indicted along with many other city officials and business owners.

Many were puzzled why Johnson Controls were not implicated, not unlike MWH today.

TheOpenEye said...

"How does disagreeing with an opinion piece constitute "beating on neighbors" and that what we (who disagree) write is only "wives' tales, gibberish and venom?"

Presentation: A
Improvement: A
Accuracy: C
Recommendation: Maintain new elevated discourse level. Avoid jumping to conclusions (you accuse Piper of the same thing) and strawman tactics, which you are very proficient at. Check facts. Your comments are debatable, so are Piper's. Congratulations.

TheOpenEye said...

"Alon is one major reason why there are no comments allowed on Piper's piece."

Helpless, hapless, hopeless: Click here

Sewertoons said...

To TheOpenEye,
Perhaps you can enlighten both Piper and I with your grading criteria for a "C" on "accuracy" of my 9:39 p.m. March 30 posting. Opinion is "opinion" and should not be used as a grading parameter.

So which facts do you disagree with?

Which comment of Pipers do you classify as "debatable?"

Alon Perlman said...

Hey It's Ann's Blog and I'm a guest here. If she doesn’t want to act when the unmentionables shows up in a thin disguise that’s her prerogative, I washed my hands of the boron of the coast slash pozer a long time ago.
Toons; Time-Banditry
Look it up up in the lexicon of "Alon made-up words 2012"

TheOpenEye said...


I think Piper should answer your well-done list, not me. I hope she does.


"I washed my hands of the boron of the coast slash pozer a long time ago."

Obviously not or you wouldn't keep throwing spitballs at them in every post and crying mama like an infant with diaper rash. "Waa-waaa-waaaa!" is all you say.

Helpless, hopeless, hapless.

Sewertoons said...

TheOpenEye has not answered my question on grading, nor has he/she/it answered my question on Piper's viewpoint. I am disappointed.

I hope Piper answers my list too.

Alon Perlman said...

Check this out my comments on CalCoast were Hacked!
_______I even predicted it__________

Go there now and check!
Nothing left but for the Yada!

0. TheRazor
Posted on 03/30/2010 at 11:47 pm
For the next couple of days, there will be some comments that are likely to please some but offend many. On my site, I pointed out some fairly obscene comments that were directed at Mrs. Reilly.
I ask the readers here to provide more thoughtful, informative comments instead of comments like, “She’s unstable! She yells at people at the grocery store!” If people continue to post like that, then it further legitimizes comments being disabled.
Even though I thanked CalCoastNews for disabling comments initially, I’m glad to see what will come out of these discussions and I hope to see some constructive discourse.
Like or Dislike: 0
 Dave
Posted on 03/31/2010 at 12:26 am
We will not allow personal attacks. Any personal attacks will be deleted immediately.
Like or Dislike: +1
 TheRazor
Posted on 03/31/2010 at 10:35 am
Thank you, Dave.
Like or Dislike: -1
0. Alon_Perlman
Posted on 03/30/2010 at 11:46 pm
Stranger than fiction
Like or Dislike: 0
 Moderator
Posted on 03/31/2010 at 1:17 am
I removed your link, sorry the page you are linking to was ‘retired’. Best to use email for site issues like this (what happened to my comment) instead of the comment box here in the discussion thread.
Like or Dislike: 0
 Alon_Perlman
Posted on 03/31/2010 at 12:41 pm
Your policy is clearly stated in the ” About comments section ” I am not suprised that a comment of mine-
” how come the comment counter is still at zero when there are already two comments posted after a hiatus of 4 days of “no comments allowed”"
-could be removed as it does not pertain to MWH and Osos.
Several others were removed or altered without violation of ANY WRITTEN Policy, WHY?
But you supposedly entered the body of a comment to remove the link. That is a no no.
Should I come back with the screen name OFFICIAL_CalCoast_Blog_Administrator.
and respond to my own question? I only post under my real name.
I am concerned that CalCoast is being drawn into the LO sewer Miasma.
I respect your function as an alternate media source. Keep this in the Open.
“Oh mister Moderator, my baby sent me an e-mail” Dont know that one, can you hum a few bars?
You have been “Played” before.
There is nothing strange about Piper adding to an opinion published previously that has actual new MWH relevant information. her conclusions could be debated.
“Stranger than fiction” relates to the manner in which your own policies are applied. Are you being “Hacked”?
Yada Yada Yada MWH Yada Yada New Orleans Yada Yada Yada Los Osos
--------------------------------------Check it out whats on there now, is just the Yada yada!!! Part

Sewertoons said...

I did check it out - I had copied out your original post over there. Now it is just the Yada stuff.

I just sent a letter to the editor and the staff asking what was going on. Wonder if I will get an answer this time?

Alon Perlman said...

Thank you for the email mr toons, Our comment policy Yada Yada, Further more we also state there that we can disregard our own policy from rada rada. Furthermore we are an independent yada and we must burn freedom of expression in order to save it. Mr. Congaileton feels that if you have a need for more expression, you are free to develop a media conglomerate of your own.____________________
Previously written my computer is only responding to the five pound hammer-.It gets stranger over at calcoast. the moderator can alter parts of their previously posted messages. so the time stamp is meaningless.
And can edit out posters comments altering their meanings, creating new phrases. For example, 90%of a posting including portions clearly relating to the subject matter (Which happened to be MWH Nawlens, etc...) kind of like a science fiction movie, or some events that happened in Europe while our town was taking shape (mid 1930's). Or like a Radio show where the guest and host control the content of the call-ins. What a brave new world we now live in.
Word verification: malings

Sewertoons said...

I have heard nothing back from Cal Coast News. Last night it was 7 comments listed, this morning it was 6 - so I know someone is busy over there.

Mike said...

Bottom line remains... Los Osos is getting a sewer...!!!!

All the grandstanders with their misinformation, editing, threats and out-right lies, can not stop the big pipe headed our way...!!! Too bad one isn't headed up Clark Canyon...or is it...???

I actually hope MWH builds the damn thing just to hear the same self-centered folks wringing their paws and crying about their personal agenda(s) being violated....!!!! and especially the PZLDF folks....!!!!!!!!

Please don't move or leave our little community too soon, you bring such joy and responsible opinionizing of everything sewerage to this pile of magic sand and dog litter...!!!!!

M said...

Geez Mike! It sounds like you are sentencing us with this. Oh that's right, that's what you are all about.
Sincerely, M

M said...

Well, well, well. I just stumbled across something about someone who may posts here as "Mike". It certainly explains alot. Also blows one of my theories out of the water.
Sincerely, M

Alon Perlman said...

Well I suppose this one should had gone in an email.
I'll go ahead and but I'm starting to like the shorter "stranger than fiction" though that does not pertain to the article itself

Posted on 04/01/2010 at 6:29 am

Understood moderator, kindly remove my 12:41 comment as it has been so severely
disemvoweled that it is writhing and thrashing on the ground, causing distress
to the onlookers. Allow me to take it home where I can nurse it back to health.
My 03/31 11:20 Pm was born prematurely. As you can tell by its truncated tail,
it will need corrective surgery. please allow me to airlift it out.
Please only then remove the comment you are now reading it seems not to relate
to the subject matter posted. Thank you.
Like or Dislike: 0

The original posts erased from Calcoast had some what more to do with the subject matter. As I responded to those deletions and started to question them, those later posts were redacted significantly and selectively (though that is a judgement call), resulting in altered meaning.

Strictly speaking the CalCoast site gave itself the leeway to do this, and it does not in itself indicate an intention specific to promotion of the article viewpoint.
So as far as relevence in the real world;
The bottom line is that the LOWWP project manager responded in the only way a project manager could.

Another cool word verification;