Tuesday, March 16, 2010

MWH Back In The News Again?

In my email box. Read it and weep. Or Tune into Dave’s show today. Whatever. It’s dejavu time, all over again, with the County firmly putting it’s fingers in its ears and singing, La-la-la-la-la.

MWH in the news in New Orleans:
(Montgomery Watson Harza) Remember the warning to SLO co. Board of Sups--Is it worth the risk?
“It is an unbelievable story, however it is the same exact pattern of abuse by MWH on Ca. central coast as well as other communities----committing acts of fraud, deceit, misrepresentation, negligence, and/or incompetence in the practice of professional engineering. (see links below)
As a retired wastewater systems manager in charge of large capital project, I have dealt with MWH first hand. I know this pattern of abuse close up. The findings in the Inspector General reports concerning contracting procurement closely mirror the contract issues for Los Osos, Ca. In fact reports containing original documents confirm illegal backdated contracts, and specious payments.” [Gail McPherson]

I will be addressing this Tuesday on the Dave Congalton Show---Radio KVEC 920 AM Click here at 5:00 PM PST to listen live to the Broadcast.

Toll-free Caller-line:
800-549-KVEC (5832)


Recovery oversight contract allowed overbilling, poor performance, inspector general says
By Michelle Krupa, The Times-Picayune
March 10, 2010, 8:03PM

Report blasts firm overseeing Katrina recovery
Posted: Mar 11, 2010 4:46 PM PST Updated: Mar 12, 2010 2:04 AM PST
Associated Press Writer
Los Osos Project falis the smell test in New Orleans:

Despite lawsuits and bad blood, Montgomery Watson may yet land Los Osos sewer contract
Past President of the Los Osos Community Services District filed a formal complaint with the Board of Supervisors, the Public Works Director and County Counsel in April 2009. She provided public testimony regarding her concerns at each public meeting between March 28 and continued through July 2009. She provided the County Board and Attorney with approximately 350 pages of supplemental documentation describing the current violation of design build code, the flawed contract procurement process and potential conflict of interest .
A webpage (sky drive) for public access of all materials that were submitted was created.
Access to the formal complaint and supplemental documentation can be found here:

Lisa Schicker 805 234-1228

And While We’re At It

Over at, Ron’s having way too much fun. Prop 84? Park at Tri-W? Really?


Sewertoons said...

The City of New Orleans gets quite a slam too in the official report as while all this so-called "robbery" going on, they were out to lunch. New Orlean's "lunches" rank high on the list of "food poisoning," if you get my drift. But then of course, this was reported in the newspaper, so it must be the whole story.

Maybe Gail McPherson can cough up her proof of dirty dealings first-hand? Otherwise it simply looks like slander. Oh wait, she already tried that.

Alon Perlman said...

No fan of Monkey Harza I, and am on the record where it counted, But......
Hot off the presses; Publicity Stunt that cost the county taxpayers many hours of attorney time and antagonized most of the residents of the county against L.O., may actually pay off. The submission, which ballooned to first to 1000, then 1400 pages was immortalized in 16 web pages on the LOWWP County site. Even reducing the hundreds of duplications within the magnum opus, it is a monumental monument to overwriting. The only pages that the county attorney could possibly (legally) consider as relevant were the 8 page contract and the Bruce Buel memo. And those were already submitted around ’06, to the general attorney through the CSD! Assuming a few other marginal documents and a cover letter, the most the complaint needed was 50 pages. That leaves 1350 pages of fluff. Don’t believe me – read the documents. Know also that you are being played, Los Osos. Again. Why did the County display the entire complaint? They havn't even posted the CCC Staff letters!

Read the documents submitted. Not the few you are being pointed to. Also the fancy sounding sections of law quoted are not necessary in a submission,
And understand this too, Los Osos. Even if the County is as Corrupt as you are being told, a legally weak over-pumped over hyped submission is never going to be anything more than what it is.
MWH? Orleans? They are as guilty as not yet charged. How does that change the May 09’ submission and subsequent hype from being the height of social irresponsibility?
Read them, go to the web page and just start clicking.
Word verification; tuistsys
because there is more at stake here then the consequences of tuisting the legal system. Grassroots democracy is being tuisted and manipulated (again)for agendas that (Again) have no good outcome to the low and fixed income residents.
Wake up.

Richard LeGros said...
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Richard LeGros said...

So let me get this straight;

Because there is an investigation in Louisiana alleging corruption about the Eastern US subsidiary of MWH contracts with that State; then by mere association MDW’s Western US subsidiary’s relationship the County must be corrupt too?

Exactly on what specific facts about the County / MWH relationship can allegations of corruption be based, let alone proven?

All the documentation to date (as mentined by Alon above)submitted by LS / GM has not revealed anything even remotely improper. Raising the 'question' does not constitute proof. WHERE’S THE PROOF?

As the County and MWH have NOT entered into any contractual arrangements about the Los Osos waste water project, exactly what 'corruption' is Gail referring to? Seems to me is all Gail is doing is publically slandering a respected company using innuendo, unsubstantiated and unrelated allegations and purposeful misdirection; with the intent to cause mischief.

What is also disturbing is Dave Congalton’s (and Ann Calhoun’s) promoting Gail’s publicity stunt without any sort of balance or proof. ‘Stirring the pot’ is the term that comes to mind about this ‘issue’; and will undoubtedly result in much meaningless lamenting by the usual cast of County-criticizing characters.

In the end, this new/old kerfuffle about ‘corruption’ will go nowhere, and correctly fade away; the County will proceed with a waste water project; and our little town will deal with the realities confronting it.

franc4 said...

"All the documentation to date (as mentined by Alon above)submitted by LS / GM has not revealed anything even remotely improper. Raising the 'question' does not constitute proof. WHERE’S THE PROOF?
...surly you jest, Mr. LeGros......
You know darn well why there is no "proof", having been party to the "stolen" computer and other hiding of the "proof". Crooks know how to do that....real good!

franc4 said...

I've bveen gone awhile, bvut I see you are wacko as ever. Some folks just never change...or can't help the way they are......sigh.......

Alon Perlman said...

Ah well, according to Dave Congleton the Lisa Shicker complaint (read it and weep)is not important (except for her being ridiculed and Brickbatted).
It's De-ja-vu all over again.
Here is some original work.
The great suliman sees the future-Envelope please- Note hat we have been recycling #9 since May.
"9. Papers will be thrown on porches, Emails will fly, Bloggz will Buzz, tongues will wag, feelings will be hurt.
10. Unknown
11. Los Osos gets a sewer
12:42 PM, June 24, 2009"
Obviously I left out
9 1/2. Airwaves will kackle.

eerily reminiscent

Sewertoons said...

Welcome back franc4, bvut I'm not shur that yer absince was notised. You've bveen bizzi over on the uther bvlogs, hav yuo? How'z the arthritus theeze daize?

Sewertoons said...

Alon, I just hope that we won't have to spend more time and money on another attempt to stop a sewer.

Lisa and Gail - transparency (yours) abounds.

Alon Perlman said...

Actually there was proof. The proof that had been previously submittd to the DA and not acted on, therefore no likely to be. The improperly backdated 8 page contract. The testimony of two LOCSD employees (1 page Buel memo). The actual correspondance with the DA.
Of these I found 7 of 8 pages of the contract and the memo in Lisa's first 1000 pages submitted. I scanned the rest and didn't find more. The thing is not indexed. I later confirmed the absence of other relevant matrial. It was simply not a submission that could be responded to immediatly or that could influence a legal action by the county. It's linked to in two places here; Lisa's Drive and the County site. Read it all, and cry for your beloved country.
Enjoy the ride back FrankFour, it's a great sunset.

Sewertoons said...

The contents of the "improperly" backdated contract had been discussed and approved by the BOD in public, right Alon? (Sloppy administration perhaps, but not illegal in the way Gail infers!)

I wonder if MWH will become annoyed with this slander at some point?

Churadogs said...

Alon: Any info from LOCAC on the prop 84 grant money for a park at Tri-W that Ron's talking about? I sure didn't hear anything about it. Did you or LOCAC, maybe?

Mike said...

Ah, tis a fine morning... Tri-W is nice and green... just awaiting for a nice waste water treatment facility and people park... sorry, grant money for a dog run...??? Ha...hardly...!!! about as likely as a magically pot of gold appearing to build a toy sewer in the magical sands of Los Osos...

Makes one wonder if the Blarney Stone didn't get it's legend from the "opinions" on Calhoun's Can(n)ons...

Alon Perlman said...

Ann; Two LOCAC members recently gave interviews to newspapers in which it may had been implied that they were speaking for LOCAC. It would not behoove me to abrogate my long term leadership-by-example at this juncture. I am on record (when the CSD in the recent past tried to form a parks and rec . Committee) that being a land use representative of the Community to the County, LOCAC should be notified or consulted in any Park type activities (Clearly in the preview of “Land use”) for Los Osos.
Your name was brought up twice, (once by me) when Ms. Gamble recently proposed, a Los Osos dog park, at the last LOCAC Parks and REC committee. Hence my comment earlier on the Blog.
As for the prop 84 etc? Again, I am displeased given MY position stated above. But I am speaking as a member of public who happens to be a member of LOCAC, not speaking for LOCAC or for the community. So I would have no way of saying no, or I don’t know_ ; ) ; )
I mean how ? one wink for yes two for no?
LOCAC.US has an email address and Paul’s Committee Park and Rec. Could use your participation on the first Tuesday of the month, or suggestions for agenda items by email. I can follow through but that is the best channel.

Realistically speaking Mike is right. There are no magic pots of money for anything anywhere. So be particularly doubtful of any major rainbow projects purporting to conjure up such pots. There was some review in P&R but only to the point that LOCAC itself should not manage park projects, or park project finances or any finances but can initiate. This has already been reported.
That idea could only float because Marshall O. is working on a youth Sports foundation for which there are a few small pots of gold. And could therefore use his experience for the technical paperwork for a similar unrelated foundation.
Do talk to Paul. Info is on the website.

End Transmission

Alon Perlman said...

On another note though; I like Rons writing style but am neither endorsing or not endorsing hs conclusions– If the County Parks and rec Commissioner wants to put a park at Trimidtown, and these proposals are by definition inconsistent with a large public works project occupying the same space, does it not mean that said commissioner thinks that a Large Public works project is NOT going to happen there?

Churadogs said...

Apropos Richard LeGros comments above, what he apparently missed in the LA Times Picayune story is this: LA inspector general says of MWH they "billed for 118% of actual value of its work" (3 mil overages) and has "A PATTERN OF OVERBILLING," and notes the firm's "INSISTENCE TO BILL UNWARRANTED FEES FOR PROJECTS." and etc. Hence the point of the posting is to raise a few simple questions: Is MWH's pattern of overbilling unique only to MWH? If so, why would Paavo bend over backwards to see that they were in the short list and fast tracked to get the LO Sewer project? Do ALL engineering firms behave that way (i.e. pattern of overbilling) If not, why, with that "pattern of overbilling" would MWH be on anybody's short list? Does Paavo think he can control this tiger? Or is overbilling part of the plan? (After all, MWH is in a breach of contract lawsuit with the CSD, is it not, and secretly overbilling is one way to get nice money without having to actually win a lawsuit.)In either case, Los Osos needs to get ready to get fleeced if MWH wins the contract, since it's a company with a PATTERN OF OVERBILLING, so says the IG of LA. That information's not "stirring the pot" Richard, that's wasting my time trying to wake people up.Time to hide the silverware?

Alon, the puzzle with the Prop 84 money for a Tri-W park was a case, apparently, of now you see it now it's suddenly pulled from the agenda and is always never wasn't never there anyway,nevermind. Whole thing was weird. Still is.

Richard LeGros said...


Ask whatever questions you want. Do what you want to 'wake people up'.

Which raises the question of WHAT EXACTLY are you and yours 'waking people up' to?

Kindly explain to us 'sleepers' CLEARLY AND RATIONALLY what you and yours are attempting to do; and why it benefits Los Osos.

To date, all the public sees is theatrical nonsense, lamenting, wild insinuations and misdirection... you know, mischief-making. The result is that this latest 'issue' is seen as you and yours last-ditch attempt to delay, even hopefully derail, the County's Waste Water Project.

Sewertoons said...

The no-sewer crowd acts like MWH has already won the bid. This attempt at slashing MWH is two-fold and part of a many pronged attack for stopping a sewer.

1. Let's get the Lyles group back in if we can get rid of MWH.

2. Let's get Step/Steg back because while we act like we like it for its "green virtues," we REALLY like it because there is a defensible legal issue for property owners on the easement problem and that will keep a sewer outta here indefinitely.

Mike said...

Since there is nothing new to really be said pro or con about the Los Osos sewer isssue since it was ripped from the clutches of our CSD... well I guess there are still a few who will fight until they find out whether there is an afterlife, but there really is nothing left to "debate"...

...but, there is hope of keeping this blog alive beyond discussing recipes and the best way to pick up dog litter... Yes, Julie and Jeffie would have the County believe Jeffie should tear down the Oceano Airport and lead a development effort... too bad he didn't ask the BOS whether a shutdown of the AP would ever be considered... but there they are, the 2 "moral" leaders of LO now trying to stir the pot and waste more public funds... Barf... Maybe the old methods of Tar and Feathers with a swift kick start out of town really should be brought back by popular demand...

So Ann, here's another contraversary you can cheer on... Obviously the BOS are not "listening" to Julie and Jeffie, but I'm sure you and your influence can stir them to action...

Churadogs said...

Richard, Toonces, Mike: Three words, three dots, all connected by the LA IG: "pattern of overbilling." Hello, BOS. Pattern of overbilling. Hellooooo. . . .

Richard LeGros said...


And just exactly WHERE ARE THE 'DOTS' here in Los Osos to connect your allegations of 'a pattern of MWH overcharges' to?

How exactly do the ALLEDGED 'DOTS' in Louisiana connect to ABSOLUTELY NO ‘DOTS’ here in SLO County; as no contracts exist between the County and MWH on the LOWWTP to be 'overcharged' upon?

For once will you provide HARD PROOF that MWH has 'a pattern of overcharging' here in the the County or Los Osos....not just your usual mindlessly conspiratorial and nonsensical allegations.

Which brings me back to the questions you fail/refuse to answer:
1. What is your motivation in mau-mauing MWH?
2. How will the results of your mau-mauing MWH benefit Los Osos?

Mike said...

....that's the "CITY" of New Orleans IG, NOT the STATE IG (at least read the article Ann...

...are you sure that the "CITY" IG doesn't have an ulterior motive...??? wanting to get re-elected afer sitting back doing nothing for past 4 years...??? Sounds a lot like the SLO County DA doesn't it...???

Hell, sounds a lot like the sky-is-falling crap Gail and Lisa have been spouting for the past 4 years... just more nonsense...

Guess the Julie, Jack and Jeffie show isn't big enough for Ann to cover... so here Ann goes with her brand of pot stirring just because she has nothing better to bitch about than woulda, coulda, shoulda better plan than 8 years of research, planning and contracting of the LO sewer project... Ann continues to try turning over pebbles to find some fault...and this case, simply listens to a half cocked story that Gail is running around waving like it was proof positive of wrong doing...

I'll bet there is just as much "proof" that Inspector General Ed Quatrevaux (a City IG...???) is just another corrupt Louisiana polotician trying to make himeself look good...

Alon Perlman said...

Folks, this may test your patience; and it is really off from today’s topic. It is not about politeness or history, it’s about subtle ways in which discourse can move forward or reiterate. In which dialogue is precipitated by “New” events but is channeled away from the actual events and new elements and tracks back to the worn down grooves.

So I will get right down to a tangent, relating to "Negative Tone" that is only slightly evident in the last few comments today, but in the recent past has had the affect of getting downright silly towards the end of the posting counter-posting sessions.
In this virtual house that we are visiting, there are no contracts that are binding other then those agreed upon by the social exchange of civil human discourse. We have seen on another’s Blog where rules were posted, that those rules were not followed by that Masterblogger.

This is Ann’s House.

(Eyes only; to Ron C. You may like this clip for your Blog, Matt D. mispronounces Ann’s name, almost sounds like yours)

I expect that I when visiting Ann's virtual bathroom within her virtual internet house, that she has every right (the Power) to ban me any reason such as for leaving the toilet seat in the wrong position. (In other words; she can delete this post, and if she does so, I don't know how you could possibly be reading this).
Or for a more pertinent reason, such as appearing to speak for her or “defend” her which is not my intention. After all my position on the posted topic de-jur is clearly different, and Ann is no shrinking violet.
For my second tangent; May I remind you that our gracious host here does have an ADDITIONAL dog in this fight. One “owned” by only a few people in town.

Dog in the fight. Those dogs in the pictures to the left live, or lived in a REAL house that has a CDO on it. I could get all fancy and say that Ann took a bullet in the Septic tank for the rest of us, or that a Citizen unfairly unjustly Statistically-randomly-unlikely, when feeling the disproportionate power of the state, may have a very different perspective than one who didn’t experience modern regulatory waterboarding. Or from people who don’t even live in the prohibition zone, or Los Osos for that matter. Or what was Ann’s position Before she got a CDO. My point is simply that no one really walks in another person’s shoes. Some however may share a position. (Speaking of positions; that clip is from the movie "Dogma")

But this is my point and I’ve been thinking of communicating this to you Mr. Legros (U2 Mike) for a while. IT IS NOT AS MUCH ABOUT TODAY COMMENTS;

Don’t unload your entire clip on the messenger. (Ann is a “Player” in her own right, and does represent a position held by others, but with all due respect, this is just a Blog (a great blog and a great sewer blog too, but enough of me folding the guest towels correctly to CMA))

There are many trees in the forest.
Don’t just expand all your energies barking at the first tree you come to, even if that tree is the one most available most prominently displayed, has a target painted on it, or an epistle nailed to it (and affectively barks back). Doing so does not serve you (Or people you represent etc...). Follow the path in the woods to the source/sources. Deal with 2010 Issues as I know you can and have.
Because Ann doesn’t need me to protect her. This isn’t about her, in a way it is isn’t about you either. I’m growing bored at the predictability of it ALL. Help me out here pal.
Does anyone already have a response mentally written to me based on the first or second paragraph of this? Please don’t. I’m really not trying to open a discourse here, just stomping the floor hoping the CD skips back. (This analogy worked better, when I was blogging back when 78s and diamond needles was all we listened to)

Was there nothing else completely outrageous expressed on the Congleton show? Use “New ears” for this one.

TheOpenEye said...
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Alon Perlman said...

Or you could follow the path a little further and react to a "New" tree, barking the same bark at the "New" Topic, Framed as it is "with out Gravity".

Mike said...

...bottom line... I still don't have to pay for a sewer... maybe for my remaining lifetime...and isn't that exactly what the "Move the Sewer" has really all been about...??? In the least a Million plus gallons of septic liquid effluent are leached into the magic sands of Los Osos every day...!!! and it's been some 4 years since the only legal and fully permitted sewer construction was halted...!!! You do the math... and drink only bottled water...

Sewertoons said...

Maybe Ann will opine here, but wasn't she just a CDO wanna-be? One who added herself to the PZLDF case?

Alon says:

"Or you could follow the path a little further and react to a "New" tree, barking the same bark at the "New" Topic, Framed as it is "with out Gravity"."

SPOT ON!!!! Framed is exactly it. FRAMED.

TheOpenEye (quietbay on other blogs) must have a dirty monocle or the cyclopian orb is clouded with cataracts. "…second life to "Schicker's Complaint?" That thing was DOA!

TheOpenEye said...

Sewertoons, I don't think you or Alon (basically the same person) are "SPOT ON!!!" at all. There is no simply intelligent rationale for that conclusion -- yet you believe it.

If you enjoy paranoia, and you do transmit high anxiety with a passion, you should be seriously afraid if the county stumbles on its bum yet again and hands the project to MWH and starts funding it -- rather than simply selecting another prequalified contractor. What do you think is going to happen then?

Sewertoons: Based on your fierce defense of MWH, I have to ask you: Do you or your husband have, or have you had in the past, any connection to MWH?

True, "Schicker's Complaint" was DOA with the county for obvious reasons, but MWH in 'Nawlins has given it the breath of life. Compare the charges. But go ahead, blame it on the gumbo, if blame you must to get through the night.

Like MWH, all the county has to fear is itself -- of being greedy and slipping up and getting caught, and time and the past have a way of catching up. Do you believe in what goes around comes around? If you do, then you know MWH is in Big Trouble in Little Easy.

Alon Perlman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TheOpenEye said...

Uh, Alon, are you talking to me?

Am I supposed to be Quietbay?

I don't think "Schicker's Complaint" is passe -- it was -- but it's not now. You would know a lot more about her anger than I would. You're the one who called her a "F-- B----," remember?

Regarding the Golden Rule: You can't preach it unless you practice it and that leaves you out.

Maybe in your next life you will return as a cow grazing in front of a Burger King and wish you had treated people a whole lot better.

Just a thought.

alabamasue said...

TheOpenEye sounds a lot like quietbay who sounds a lot like "____ ____" (he-whose-name-cannot-be-mentioned, at least on this blog) No one reads his garbage blog, so he inflicts his wackiness here. He is not 54, people, more like 26. There is no 'Robert Allen Kingsley' listed as a landowner in the PZ. And, by the way- Schicker was just a poor sick prematurely old woman who tried to cover up her lack of experience with bombast "We had a plan, we really did! Until they didn't.

TheOpenEye said...
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TheOpenEye said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Richard LeGros said...
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Richard LeGros said...

To The Open Eye,

You are wasting our time over nonsense. None of this 'issue du jour' concerning ALLEGATIONS (note..not FACT) concerning MDW means anything. Why? Simply as there is no connection between LA and Los Osos. None.

Anyway, now that the County has been 'warned' by Gail et al about this 'issue', what makes you think that the County will not be extra vigilant in doing its job; or that it is not vigilant to begin with?

Until the accusers explain both their MOTIVES and BENEFITS to Los Osos on this issue clearly and rationally, then I am left with no other choice than to see just the repetition of a well established pattern of misdirection, allegation, character assassination and other such nonsense by Gail, Lisa, Ann, etc; with the intent of causing mischief; and not to the benefit of Los Osos either.

Meanwhile, I know that this issue will NOT have any effect on the decisions of the County BOS regarding which firm they select to do the work. None; and rightfully so too.

I also know that in a short time this latest nonsense will be long forgotten.

Sewertoons said...

Excellent comments alabamasue and Richard LeGros.

I suspect this OpenEye person also posed as "Matthew," a caller on the Dave Congalton Show interview with Gail McPherson, whose voice was recognizable as someone alluded to here?

The kneading and twisting of innuendo into a fact-like substance by Gail was breathtaking.

I suspect if/when one of the other contractors wins a bid for collection or treatment that we will see another 11th hour attempted smear campaign of them too. Who knows, maybe even before. I wonder if Sanford has started writing his scripts yet?

Alon Perlman said...

First a correction, so as not to put our gracious host, on a spot. Ann Calhoun is to the best of my CURRENT knowledge, not a CDO recipient (neither are her dogs). I did refer to Ann once as a “fellow CDO” to a CDO recipient on this Blog. When that CDO recipient was needlessly maligned for no apparent reason. I do not recollect being corrected but there was no reason then, in context of that exchange between myself and “He who must not be mentioned”, for Ann to do so. When I wrote the post earlier today, I remembered somehow that I should double check anyway. I considered calling Ann, but googled Calhoun on RWQCB instead and happened to come up with her association with a legal case containing Several CDOs and didn’t check further. So I posted. I also happened to spend time this evening with two individuals who are CDOs and they confirmed part of what Toons said.

I did on one occasion have some choice words about Lisa, but they did not include “F___ B____”. I was talking to two Jokers who have since amply demonstrated that naming them “Two Jokers” is the height of diplomacy. You all posting here may remember one or two of those individuals and their “Style”, which again, diplomatically, has not included much of the milk of human kindness or any level of “Truthiness”.
In fact I did tell her that same night that I considered her to be selfish and irresponsible. And specified why and I wont go into that now. She came back with an expletive deleted but it did not rise quite to the level of “F___ B____” either. I called her on that, and she apologized for that specific, I accepted and we continued a somewhat heated discussion.
Now I’m sure I don’t remember everything about something that happened Oct ‘08 or so, but the two witnesses have since demonstrated such a level of memory superior to mine. In fact a memory so good that at least one of them can easily remember things that didn’t even happen.

One eye Moody why shouldn’t you lie? You are anon. there is nothing divine in your skulking around like a thief in the night, casting stones behind a stone-wall of anonymity.
And I do think you more likely a female, Roberta, an angry twisted tortured soul. A stormy cesspool. I can read Parselese, Greek, Montenegrin, Croatian, Gaelic, all forms of fiction, I can read your mind, anticipate your next vitriol, knew you would have a ready answer once Robert was “defrocked ” (the use of a middle name was an immediate giveaway). I am inside your head, but I wouldn’t want to have your thoughts. Not Lisa though, You do a good job of hiding behind her. In fact the rephrasing of Angry Ignoring the "someone famous" and recombining "Angry" with "Lisa"is a QB twister special finger print. And you do seem to know a lot about Robert who you are not.

So now Ann has another mess on her blog, and I cannot offer her a solution. I don’t intend to respond further. I could simply associate One Eye Moody to her as being one of the banned jokers, but in truth I don’t think so. I have a large number of emails that did not go to wide distribution and therefore I have a good bead on the patterns and styles of each of the two faced nasties. Nevertheless the threats are a definite joker pattern, so perhaps A-Sue is correct, (like it really matters. Who can’t make up a back story to go with an imaginary 5’4”, 56 year old, or conveniently find a Mathew 6:53 quotation, to post at 6:53 PM, March 19, 2010 )
So I will wait a handful of hours for Ann to get back so she can make her decision as to what do as to the mess the cat dragged into her house, which may include deletion of this current post.
And now you know why I kept my Sewer Blog Secret, since ‘06.

TheOpenEye said...
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TheOpenEye said...
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Alon Perlman said...
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Alon Perlman said...

Interesting reductive selection;
Bama-Sue, you mentioned an unmentionable and Viola! # Poof # Your mention is un-mentioned
Were it so easy in the Real World*
Now you see it now you don’t

Thine name is mud, Elmer fh-fuh-fudd
You can exist now only as gha-ga-ghoul
But that is what you wanted-tuh-ted
T-tuh-T’ed, you non-existential Ph-phu-fool
Puh-p-polished coprolite is not a jewel

Unhallowed is thy ween
Thine ever-venting spleen
Thou mini-mincing mean
Thine mind is never clean
To reflecting pool you preen

Swimming in the shallow yellow end
Of your contaminated gene pool
A grown man grinning in his beard
Mothers snatching as toddlers feared
Smug grin at their chagrin? Simply weird

Concentric yellow-wave-rings mark his position
There he sits bent on his unholy mission
Enjoying the temporary warmth of his emission
Small fry is a big big fish in a small kiddie pond
Had your fill of jokes, now ruh-run run run along.
*”Real World” and any description and/or physical manifestation thereof
are a copyrighted , fully owned, physical and intellectual property of the AMP Corporation
Any form of use thereof requires the payment of rent and royalties as clearly stated in the fine print
stipulated on the back of your contract (Hitherto referenced as “your birth certificate”) and any additional work deriving from enforcement action is subject to time and material fees in addition to interest accrued and late penalties.

TheOpenEye said...
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TheOpenEye said...
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Sewertoons said...

Alon -- in a word - HILARIOUS! Thanks!!!

TheOpenEye said...

Hi Alon,

Enjoyed your deleted demented lament to the frustrations of early spring this morning -- and I feel your pain. Only a dumkop like you would try to light a barbecue grill using kerosene.

However, even bed pan changers need care from somebody sometime, so I have decided to adopt you as my Wednesday's Child for 2010. Your worries are over!

Whenever you are feeling down -- after all, years of slandering and blame-shifting and crying mammy when pointed out publicly can be taxing for the ethically challenged -- I will be there for you.

Whenever you speak for the community -- whether at every darn meeting or calling in to Congalton to indict Schicker who you don't hate and get cut off to LOLs -- or run for higher office because you're always running -- I will be there for you to translate for those who say "WTF"?

Whenever you write your patented gibberish and ego slobberings -- on all the other blogs you litter with your myriad deficiencies though never a viewpoint in the Trib -- I will be there to catch you and put your feet back on the ground.

We have a right to know who our public officials are and what they stand for, and the community knows enough about you to know you're not fooling anybody but yourself -- a concept that it utterly foreign to you -- and that you stand for nothing but the bottle.

Which is why I'll always be here and there to help you until you finally get it and don't need me anymore. Until then, you can always reach me here at the Department of Lost Causes doing my pest-control job 25/8.

May I call you son now? Welcome to the family, Wednesday's Child!

TheOpenEye said...


Have you or your husband had any present or past connection to MWH?

Alon Perlman said...

{This post was posted previously, Another post of mine, written later, is above. This is due to a mention of an unmentionable by another contributor resulting in the deletion of Her (A-Sue) post. Confused? It’s the cost of doing business on the LO sewer blogs. Or maybe it’s the cost of paying attention to sneaky self-infatuated fools, I’m not sure. (fools who caused themselves to be banned and any mention of their REAL names, by OTHER bloggers, results in a COMPLETE excision of the post, without even a trace such as-[alabamasue said...
Well, Alon, not that it matters, apparently I confused Joke-of-the-Coast Senior with junior.
To Xx Xxxx-
I have no 'Los Osos Nightmare'. To what are you referring? I've lived here for 25+ years and have money in the bank to pay for the sewer. By the way, I don't have a 'hate thing' for Schicker. I feel sorry for her for being manipulated. BTW- you give yourself away every time you call a female a "hag"
5:26 PM, March 20, 2010]]
(Xx Xxxx is Alons re-edit, without permission from Alabama-Sue, Who I seriously doubt O’l crusty Ey-Open or even Armp(i)t-Open have knowledge of and I’m a lot smarter then both of them combined which is my only Unforgivable Los Osos sin, and for which I have more than paid my debt to their sociopathy}
Prev. post-So... Several people with the same pathology and the same Big Lie methodology.
I now think you are right A-Sue, It takes an unusual beyond abnormal personality to ape somebody else. Then run away snickering. I still think Q-ball is that somebody else being aped. The older, more infantile child it is. Hasn’t had his fill yet. Not that it matters.
OhHi Edwin, middle eye blind, just saw your "Reveal" post, sad little man. If you are the protector of all women, Why did you post "Leg of O--n and Rump of R----y" right after the Coastal Commission Jan Meeting, Jan 16th or thereabouts on that post you made under your Guy_fawks persona on the Trib?
I had it removed as abusive but you seem to be collecting Abusive comments like a badge of Honor. One day your progeny will wake up, but it will be too late, but for the hate.
I removed my own "Hate" bone, surgically, for all Los Osos matters, fool.
Otherwise I knew, I'd end up Just like you.
Sad sad said, Joke joke jokes
Wait! are you quiet bay aping Empty eye socket?
Nah.. Stuck on your own putrid petard laughing hard at your own cleverness Cheeky monkey compulsive blog junkie. Smell you later Smug agitator. Or not. Go away booring nobody, creep.

[C-D I'd like to repost the business portion should reductive administrative actions be taken]
Back to business as I alluded to earlier before the little man in the monkey suit interrupted the robbery.
(Famous psychology experimental series proving the unreliability of eyewitness reports)
Gail McPherson argues that the company most likely to build the Los Osos sewer was the subject of a scathing report by the City of New Orleans.
( in the middle.)
What stylistic trait is shared in terms of Indirect Character Attack? We Know Paavo = Baad, no news there.
Look at who else gets crowded into a shaky elevator with a Barrel of Tar and a Bushel of Feathers.
In other words; The sentence containing the word Criminal is closely associated with a few new names. No direct inference, Plausible deniability, a QBall hiding behind the 8Ball Special
A few more drive-byes take place elsewhere. Were any of you paying attention? Or did you pre-decide that you wouldn’t find anything new?
posted 11:06 PM, March 20

Sewertoons said...

TheOpenEye, happy to disappoint you. No, none,

Churadogs said...

O.K. Children, take your quarrels with one another and go fight on somebody else's blog.

Churadogs said...

Oops, Tribune finally caught up with MWH and the New Orleans report. Front page story. Always a dollar late and a day short.

Alon Perlman said...

No fair adding comments after Everyone had gone home but you are right last I checked, it still had legs.

Someone famous who runs the Show said on that radio show that "Lisa's Complaint" is Now Passe. I'm afraid I'm going to go with the "realer" person. Word Verification=treatly
As in Mathew 6:53
Treatly thine brother as you shall wantest thine brother to treatley you, and psseth no rumor upon his good name, nor stateth thou that which thy cannest deliver, nor shal thy dresseth in the garb of another for to lay your neigbhor astray. Nor shalt thou wastet the sands of the hourglass nor the labors of those who toil to do for others that which you havent. And to you Mikael, and to he who was one a rich king; readeth the wise words of several posts ago and as you reachest the fork in the path in the forest know that it is as the wise man said and you will find yourself barking up the new tree that is as the one thou thought had left behind before.

6:53 PM, March 19, 2010

And you still haven't found what you'r looking for. And I can't share mine with you, cause you used to have one, and you killed it. I have a heart full of what you don't, tough.