Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Not Only Am I An Important Personage, I'm Actually Here

First I got that swell little card from Republican Party top guy, Michael Steele, the one that looks like a credit card, like it’s something really important and special, something that I can whip out and flash all around at the checkout counter at Ralph’s to impress the hell out of people, but it isn’t, it’s pointless and made of paper? But it doesn’t matter that it’s cheap and stupid and useless and obviously sent to the wrong person, Michael thinks I’m somebody!

Now, the United States Department of Commerce thinks I might actually exist, but it isn’t too sure, so it sent me my Census form. They’d have to combine that simple form with a whole lot of other information they already have on file to find out a whole heck of a lot about me. I’m sure there’s more information encoded in my Ralph’s card than could ever winkled out of this simple form. But no matter. Once I mail that in and the Census Bureau tabulates it, then I actually exist.

I exist and thanks to Michael Steele, I’m an Important Personage. All this and heaven (and dogs), too. How lucky can one woman be?

Die! Die! Die!

I hate to admit it, but part of me wants this pathetic jerrymandered portmanteaux “health reform bill” to go down to defeat, one vote short. Then I’d like to see all the Democratic legislators who voted against it voted out of office. And all the Republican legislators who stonewalled and foot dragged and pouted and stamped their feet and lied and lied and lied about death panels and all the other phony crap to also get voted out of office.

Then I’d like to see the American people get totally priced out of the insurance market, and/or dropped by their insurers so they’d start dying like flies. Then I could write a column that said, “If you really want “reform” in health care, you’ll have to do more than whine about it and paint signs of Obama as a Nazi and go to a “tea party” and instead, actually vote for people who also want “reform” in healthcare, not these insurance company shills you keep putting into office.” But I know voters won’t connect the dots and any and all health insurance/health “reform” will disappear down the Harry & Louise Rabbit hole, thanks to the Supreme Court Ruling about corporate money and elections, and the whole country will get sicker and sicker and get fleeced of more and more money.

Then, the other part of me hopes that the bill will pass, and the voters, knowing that the job is only half done, come November will vote into office even more legislators who actually do want real “reform” and so have a sufficient number of legislators needed to get the job finished, including a Medicare For All buy-in program and truly serious health-outcome/best practices reform. But I know that won’t happen because Americans can’t connect dots, so it’s likely that even if this bill passes, come the next election, the voters will put into office enough people who will happily dismantle the bill and we’ll all end up back at square one – One Nation, A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of WellPoint, sick and fleeced and broke forever, Amen. And people will wander around for 20 more years whining and wringing their hands and complaining loudly about their health insurance company that’s raised their rates. . . again . . . boo-hoo. Or dropped them altogether. So they head for the nearest hospital to get “free” medical care and tell pollsters, “We don’t need health care reform. We have the best medical system in the whole world!”


Matthew said...

I completely understand how you feel. My stream of consciousness passes back to this point every couple of days and it's more maddening every time. I honestly think that the problem is that people are sincerely less informed than they think they are. It's evident in the words and phrases they use (and are limited to) that most people get 75% of their information from television, and maybe 20% from other uninformed friends. People for the most part spend their time "playing grown-up." They want to be taken seriously, they want to sound intelligent, and they will tell you that they are well-read (among other things), but for the most part it's just posturing.

This evening I was just reading through a small part of the 2009 omnibus appropriations bill. Like SO MANY other things, If everyone actually read a small portion of this, there would be a revolt tomorrow.

My father, one of the few REAL adults in this world (I'm not sure I can give myself this much credit, yet), likes to believe that his peers are also sincere, honest people. He likes to think that Republicans are for the most part conservative, and Democrats are liberal, and the former is wiser. Thus far he has fought acceptance of the fact that politicans of both parties are all just a bunch of crooked, dishonest, incompetent hypocrites. He believes the sincerety of Republicans when they argue against the Healthcare bill on the basis of principle, even though in fact they are just playing games and would not hesitate to use the same kickbacks pass legislation intended to benefit only the interests which pay them.

And then I get to hear Democrats talk about how the insurance industry is running scared, when in fact they were among the biggest donors to Obama; donors who will be well taken care of.

Throw them ALL out!!!!

Churadogs said...

I know, the pile of lies and spin and hypocrisy and self-serving crapola is so dizzing and sorting through it all is like slogging through toxic marshmallow goo. Sadly, so much of all this is NOT rocket science. What it takes is real facts as opposed to fake facts and a willingness on the part of the voters to grow up, become adults, and make some serious decisions and choices, but they can't do that with fake facts. Sigh.