Sunday, March 07, 2010

Your Sunday Poem

If you try this, you’ll see exactly what Billy’s talking about. Interesting thing, perception, and what we think we see and how much of what we think we see isn’t there at all. It’s inside our heads. Made up. From his 1995 book, “The Art of Drowning” by Billy Collins.


You can use the brush of a Japanese monk
or a pencil stub from a race track

as long as you draw the line a third
the way up from the bottom of the page,

the effect is the same; the world suddenly
divided into its elemental realms.

A moment ago there was only a piece of paper.
Now there is earth and sky, sky and sea.

You were sitting alone in a small room.
Now you are walking into the heat of a vast desert

or standing on the ledge of a winter beach
watching the light on the water, light in the air.


Alon Perlman said...




Alon Perlman said...

In defense of minimalist art
Just before this Blog Post and comment fade into internet oblivion;
If you click on the line in the comment above it should take you to the Album Cover (Same as CD cover only much bigger) for the Frank Zappa and Mothers of Invention Album- "A ship arriving too late to save a drowning witch".

Though I prefer the alternative title; "The Los Osos Ship about to graze the tip of the Iceberg".

Word verification; prearc
As in; "Biblical lessons not learned in time for the post-apocalypse."