Saturday, October 18, 2008

Follow Up

Ed Eochs, [correction: Aaron Ochs] of questioned why no sewer questions were going to be taken during the recent LOCSD candidate's forum. At the link above is his letter to the League of Women Voters, and their reply, for any one interested on the follow up.

Follow up Too

In my previous posting on the recent debate, I fogot to mention a wierd sense of deja vu that came over me when for days at the various McCain/Palin rallies, McCain/Palin have been hammering this guy Ayers and how Obama "pals around with terrorists," and how we have to get to the bottom of this mystery relationship. Terrorist, terrorist, Ayers, pals around, terrorist, Ayers, over and over and over. Then, after briefly bringing it up and getting an answer from Obama, McCain suddenly dismisses Ayers as an old washed up terrorist who has no interest for him.

Remind you of anyone? Like Bush who spent endless time talking about smokin'out Osama, dead or alive, terrorist terrorist terrorist, then when Iraq was going kerblooey and Osama was happily hiding in the Tora Bora hills, Bush suddenly says that , well, frankly, he doesn't spend time thinking about the guy.

Yes, that old Emily Latella "nevermind" moment -- whip the demagogic horse into a fearsome lather so long as it's advancing your agenda, then when it no longer serves, blandly walk away.


Alon Perlman said...

Your post refers to the blog author "Ed ochs". As stated in one of your posts some time in the recent past, OCHSNATION
is a blog belonging to one Aaron Ochs. I know they are not the same person, because I've seen them at the same time at Farmers Market. In fact one of them told me he would vote for me. I neglected to ask the other.

I believe this is a classic case of "the tree fell next to the Acorn", or perhaps its "the Acorn fell next to the the Rock"

(sorry Aaron, I tried it with "Apple" and it just did not work)

Alon Perlman, LOCSD Candidate

Churadogs said...

Oops, wet noodle time. I'll correct that. Sorry.,