Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Mark Yer Calendars

A reminder, there’ll be the League of Women Voters LOCSD candidates forum, Monday, October 13, at 7 pm at the Community Center on Los Osos Valley Rd. A donation at the door will help cover the cost of the forum and I urge everyone to attend and donate. Helps ensure that such forums can continue and continue to represent all candidates, not just those rich enough to pay the fees. For candidate info:

Another Event

Wednesday, October 15, from 11 a.m. to
Unity Church of SLO
1490 Southwood, SLO (off Broad street, sorta near French Hospital/Marigold Center area.)


It’s free, and will feature over 20 exhibitors whose products & services can help you or a loved one age safely, comfortably, happily at home, free health testing. There’ll be panel discussion at noon: “PUTTING TOGETHER YOUR DREAM TEAM” (the crucial role of core managers, caregivers, financial and legal advocates)

Also on the agenda, Yoga demonstration, Dr. Charles Carlson speaking on Senior Friendly Communities, and Chrys Barnes talking on Reverse Mortgages. Radio Personality Bill Benica, KYNS 1340 AM “Talk is Cheap” host will be on hand.

Presented by Chrys & Larry Barnes in association with the National Aging in Place Council. For information about the show, email: For transportation available from Ride-on/Ride Share call 541-8747

I’m posting this here to alert Los Osos residents on Chrys Barnes' Reverse Mortgage talk at 2:15 pm. Since many seniors on fixed incomes here in Sewerville will be facing high sewer bills, the information Chrys has on the variety of reverse mortgages may prove to be the difference between having to leave town vs. being able to stay in your own home.

I met with Chrys months ago to get information for a future column or blog posting and was surprised at the variety of reverse mortgage types there were, as well as the flexibility that’s now on offer, not to mention the various government oversight requirements that offer protection to a “buyer.” While Reverse Mortgages aren't for everyone, far from being the Boogie Man some people have painted these instruments, they may be a lifeline for many seniors. And this is a good place to start getting information and have some numbers crunched to see if RM's might be suitable for your needs.

Finally, RWQCB press release shows up in the Tribune. Of Course, for LO people who don’t subscribe to the Tribune?

Few days ago, I posted a “Fraud Alert” regarding this huge official-looking packet of paperwork from AES (Mr. Murphy) and his Reclamator, a packet that was received by a CDO recipient (and who knows who else. (The Tribune claims “the purveyors of the Reclamator say” they’ve mailed these to everyone in the PZ, but I haven’t received anything. Not even a PR email from the RWQCB, which has my email on file. Have you? Plus, I’m still waiting for a notice from the RWQC in my mailbox. Tick-tick-tick)

At any rate, let me quote the Trib: “Briggs said he turned the documents over to the county District Attorney’s Office for possible prosecution.” I won’t hold my breath, but I will type the words below as my personal opinion on this packet of paper:



Alon Perlman said...

Thanks for posting the link
It is incomplete;
This is the FULL link to get to the ALL CANDIDATES web pages

All Candidates

If it shows up in blue it is working, I have no way of proofing it once posted as a comment.

This links to Perlman web page

Within each of the candidate's pages are links to All candidates in this race; at the very bottom of the pages in small print. It is also possible to click on the "director" etc.. title and link to the main all candidates page.

7th wet noodle and counting, What's your count,Ann?
Alon Perlman

GetRealOsos said...


No distractions from me. It was SharkInlet that keep bringing up (over and over and over) the subject of you and Gordon in Oregon (and asking me to answer to that).

Nope, no distractions on my part Maria.

I wrote you about all of my concerns regarding the County process. You chose not to discuss that. I don't need to wonder why! After all, this is why I'm blogging to begin with.

I'll try it again, maybe this time you can respond rather than going around the issues raised by me:

When the CSD was on it's way after the recall, Pandora told the County to take the project away. Sam Blakeslee did that for her and her people. Shirley and Noel said the project would be gravity. Mark said we'd go the fastest way with the project and plans that we already had (Tri-W/gravity). He said the BOS would use over-riding considerations. Then you have Gordon protecting the Tri-W site - fences and snails. Then you have Paavo saying the Tri-W area would act as a sponge. Then you have inflated Step figures presented at TAC. How does this look?

You have Don Beardon opposing Step at every opportunity, and you are with him at BOS meetings looking like "kissing cousins". You meet and hang with Gordon and Richard. How does this look?

PS Maybe these older people who think you may be helping them will be in for a shock when they find out your true agenda.

AND, exactly who are your friends that are recall supporters? Just curious!

GetRealOsos said...


Watching both you and Karen at the BOS today, it is clear for ALL to see that Karen is the far superior candidate.

Your resume also shows nothing that would qualify you to be seated on the CSD board. You and your friends always say the CSD is out of the sewer business (although it' not) and should put it's efforts into solving bankruptcy issues. If that were true, Karen is the one with the right background with her financial expertise.

I hope you can address the post above.

GetRealOsos said...


What, no Shark today?

Are you taking a (mental) day off?

I just read a post you wrote to OsosChange where you say,

"One definition reads In law, defamation is the communication of a statement that makes a false claim, expressly stated or implied to be factual, that may give an individual, business, product, group, government or nation a negative image." Here is an example. Suppose that someone were to write about me... "

Now, Shark, isn't that EXACTLY what you did with and to Lisa?!!!

Shark Inlet (a.k.a. Stiv Neener) said...


I made a mistake and cited Lisa's deposition as the source of that material instead of Lisa's CSD meeting statement and the testimony of Faith Watkins.

I stated facts but got the cite wrong.

Perhaps Faith and Lisa made mistakes in what they said. If so, they can clarify their statements.

More than a bit different.

The problem here is that Lisa already said she ordered Gail to remove (not to move copies) those documents. My repeating her story along with the statement of Faith isn't a problem ... it is merely reporting facts. Just ask Ron :)

As I've mentioned before, if Lisa is now taking back what she told us a while back or if Faith does, I may need to amend my statement, offer a clarification and possibly an apology.

Here's a question for you and OsosChange ... are either of you going to apologize to me for factual errors now that they've been pointed out to you?

Sewertoons said...

I'd like clarification from Karen as to what she actually did in the banking business. Shark brought this up earlier, but it bears repeating here. Did she help people fill out loan docs OR make decisions on banking policy and investments? getreal, don't tell me being in the banking atmosphere is sufficient experience, unless you care to liken your candidate to another candidate in another race who claims to have foreign policy experience by being able to see Russia.

Osos Change said...


I won't apologize to you. I won't apologize for being right and sir, your repeated demands for an apology are creeping me out.

You've shown more than enough psychotic, slanderous, mind-shattering babble to render any sort of apology unnecessary. I've only posted facts whereas you've posted spin in your defense... and you dare call yourself reasonable? Have you no shame?


Mike said...

Keep your meds handy, osos change...

You are wrong on all counts and have spun and lied until you seem to believe your own trash... fortunately few others are listening to you or your sister getrealosos...

Another day in court... go watch your team face some very serious charges of how they have lied to get into their office and then abused the office and public trust... By the end of October, we will all have seen the corruption this CSD followed these past 3 years and all your spin won't change the legal facts finally put on the table...

Churadogs said...

Alon sez:"Thanks for posting the link
It is incomplete;"

Uh, the link works, gets you to the main page of Smart vote, doesn't it?, which is what it's supposed to do, right? Then people can navigate to who or what info they want? No noodles, wet or otherwise.

Osos Change said...


I don't support the "team." I don't support the new board. On the other hand, I support justice.

Learn to read my posts.

Sewertoons said...

ososchange, learn to apologize?