Saturday, October 11, 2008

Worth Posting

Instead of a Saturday Poem, here’s a prose poem from that terrific writer and syndicated columnist, Garrison Keillor, and posted on

We are a stalwart and stouthearted people, and never more so than in hard times. People weep in the dark and arise in the morning and go to work. The waves crash on your nest egg and a chunk is swept away and you put your salami sandwich in the brown bag and get on the bus. In Philly, a woman earns $10.30/hour to care for a man brought down by cystic fibrosis. She bathes and dresses him in the morning, brings him meals, puts him to bed at night. It's hard work lifting him and she has suffered a painful hernia that, because she can't afford health insurance, she can't get fixed, but she still goes to work because he'd be helpless without her. There are a lot of people like her. I know because I'm related to some of them.
Low dishonesty and craven cynicism sometimes win the day but not inevitably. The attempt to link Barack Obama to an old radical in his neighborhood has desperation and deceit written all over it. Meanwhile, stunning acts of heroism stand out, such as the fidelity of military lawyers assigned to defend detainees at Guantanamo Bay -- uniformed officers faithful to their lawyerly duty to offer a vigorous defense even though it means exposing the injustice of military justice that is rigged for conviction and the mendacity of a commander in chief who commits war crimes. If your law school is looking for a name for its new library, instead of selling the honor to a fat cat alumnus, you should consider the names of Lt. Cmdr. Charles Swift, Lt. Col. Mark Bridges, Col. Steven David, Lt. Col. Sharon Shaffer, Lt. Cmdr. Philip Sundel and Maj. Michael Mori.
It was dishonest, cynical men who put forward a clueless young woman for national office, hoping to juice up the ticket, hoping she could skate through two months of chaperoned campaigning, but the truth emerges: The lady is talking freely about matters she has never thought about. The American people have an ear for B.S. They can tell when someone's mouth is moving and the clutch is not engaged. When she said, "One thing that Americans do at this time, also, though, is let's commit ourselves just every day, American people, Joe Six-Pack, hockey moms across the nation, I think we need to band together and say never again. Never will we be exploited and taken advantage of again by those who are managing our money and loaning us these dollars," people smelled gas.
Some Republicans adore her because they are pranksters at heart and love the consternation of grown-ups. The ne'er-do-well son of the old Republican family as president, the idea that you increase government revenue by cutting taxes, the idea that you cut social services and thereby drive the needy into the middle class, the idea that you overthrow a dictator with a show of force and achieve democracy at no cost to yourself -- one stink bomb after another, and now Governor Palin.
She is a chatty sportscaster who lacks the guile to conceal her vacuity, and she was Mr. McCain's first major decision as nominee. This troubles independent voters, and now she is a major drag on his candidacy. She will get a nice book deal from Regnery and a new career making personal appearances for forty grand a pop, and she'll become a trivia question, "What politician claimed foreign-policy expertise based on being able to see Russia from her house?" And the rest of us will have to pull ourselves out of the swamp of Republican economics.
Your broker kept saying, "Stay with the portfolio, don't jump ship," and you felt a strong urge to dump the stocks and get into the money market where at least you're not going to lose your shirt, but you didn't do it and didn't do it, and now you're holding a big bag of brown bananas. Me, too. But at least I know enough not to believe desperate people who are talking trash. Anybody who got whacked last week and still thinks McCain-Palin is going to lead us out of the swamp and not into a war with Iran is beyond persuasion in the English language. They'll need to lose their homes and be out on the street in a cold hard rain before they connect the dots.

Garrison Keillor is the author of a new Lake Wobegon novel, "Liberty" (Viking)


Sandra said...

WOW!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing.

Howie said...

AAA Identity Confirmation



The suspected hacker who wreaked havoc at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia, in the late '90s, but fled the state before he could be brought up on criminal charges, has been traced to California's Central Coast and identified as Cal Poly University statistics professor, Steve Rein.
At VCU Rein was accused of setting up a website that discredited a Christian parenting organization, Growing Families International, and attacked its founders with lies, distortions and extremist statements. But that was just the beginning of Rein's over-the-top reign of Internet terror against GFI. Rein then reportedly hacked a GFI computer, stealing attorney-privileged documents, and posted them on his website. Caught red-handed with his electronic fingerprint on the cookie jar, Reins bolted while the investigation was still in progress.
"In addition to the many false and misleading postings found on his site, we have personally seen the written documents implicating Mr. Rein in a potentially prosecutable crime against GFI," wrote a GFI spokesperson.
In 1997 GFI discovered that a password protected area and other back areas of their computer were wrongfully accessed leaving behind an electronic fingerprint. The matter was first turned over to local and federal law enforcement officers for review and comment. An investigation of criminal misconduct followed. GFI reports that their management personnel retraced the wrongful access back to a single computer located on the campus of Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). The computer was assigned to Professor Steve Rein."
Not surprisingly, Rein is again involved in shady online activities, this time in Los Osos blogging under the anonymous moniker of "Shark Inlet." Using similar tactics in Los Osos to those he deployed at VCU, Rein is suspected of managing an online disinformation campaign on behalf of the San Luis Obispo County Department of Public Works against activists fighting the County's plan to build the most expensive wastewater project per capital in U.S. history in little Los Osos. Activists contend the County has intentionally priced the project to displace one-third of Los Osos' 16,500 residents who won't be able to afford to pay a $300 a month sewer bill and thousands more to hook up.
At least one complaint has been previously lodged against Rein for using a Cal Poly computer to post political messages on Los Osos blogsites promoting the County project. He may also have used a Cal Poly computer to hack password-protected areas on private computers in Los Osos to steal attorney-privileged documents that later fell into the hands of a local Los Osos nuisance litigator, Taxpayers Watch, which is suing current Los Osos district board members and promoting local candidates in the November 4 election that Rein and the County support -- while bashing opposition candidates in public online forums.
Investigators also wouldn't mind taking a look at Rein's home computer to track his online activities, as well as his financial records to determine whether he received any compensation for his online "dirty tricks" activities on behalf of the County and pro-County candidates, and if so, how much and from whom. To access Rein's home computer would require a search warrant from a judge.


Please read the full details of this FRAUD ALERT. Read about Rein's outrageous actions against GFI, a Christian organization, as well as the comments below regarding Rein's character, ethics and credibility. These comments can be found online at:

Steve Rein owns and operates ezzoinfo, a website specifically dedicated to providing mostly negative information about Gary Ezzo and Growing Families International. The amount of misrepresentation on Mr. Rein's site is staggering. As such, it is not possible to comment on it all. We have dealt with most of the issues on the FAQ page which should give the reader an idea of deception that is being promoted on his site. However, we do think that his character might be fairly well summarized in the following account. We would not share this information about Mr. Rein if this were but a simple disagreement between individuals, but the integrity of Gary Ezzo and his Christian ministry is at stake on an international basis. Proverbs 18:17 reminds us that "the first one to present his case seems right until the second one comes along and questions him." His website postings should be viewed with extreme caution and prayerful consideration.
In addition to the many false and misleading postings found on his site, we have personally seen the written documents implicating Mr. Rein in a potentially prosecutable crime against GFI.
In 1997 GFI discovered that a password protected area and other back areas of their computer were
wrongfully accessed leaving behind an electronic fingerprint. The matter was first turned over to
local and federal law enforcement officers for review and comment. An investigation of criminal misconduct followed. GFI reports that their management personnel retraced the wrongful access back to a single computer located on the campus of Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). The computer was assigned to Professor Steve Rein.
GFI then presented their extensive documentation to VCU officials and requested they take
appropriate administrative action against Mr. Rein, which included the removal of his "anti-Ezzo" website from the State's computers (formerly called "Red Rhino"). Through a series of meetings and phone conversations with VCU officials and the Virginia Commonwealth Attorney, GFI felt
confident that the matter would be fully investigated and properly resolved. In a letter from GFI legal representatives, GFI was informed that the Virginia Commonwealth Attorney indicated that "VCU had taken administrative action against Steve Rein." Rein's site was removed from VCU's
computers and Mr. Rein left VCU before the next fall semester. With this bit of historical context and the action taken by GFI against Mr. Rein, we believe a case can be made to at least
question Mr. Rein's motives and the tone of his site, if not the entire credibility of his website.
Since our initial posting Mr. Rein contacted us claiming he was wronged by the insinuation that he hacked into the GFI computers. We assume because it implies criminal misconduct. We wish to be very accurate with both our words and the description of the events that took place between GFI and Virginia Commonwealth University with regard to this incident. We are very willing to remove the word hacked from the original post and replace it with wrongfully accessed. However, it does not remove the significant concerns and evidence that lead GFI to pursue VCU nor does simply removing the word exonerate Mr. Rein from involvement in the intruder activity. Mr. Rein also states that his leaving VCU had nothing to do with the GFI claim against him. We have asked Mr. Rein some very specific questions regarding this incident and his leaving VCU but to date, he has refused to answer any of our questions. More evidence supportive of GFI's position will be added as needed. In addition, any other information which comes to our attention which would
change our understanding of this event will be promptly posted.

Questions Steve Rein refused to answer:

1. Legality aside, do you think it is morally or ethically acceptable for anyone to enter back sectors and password protected areas of a corporate computer, browse through files, take very specific information not made readily available to the public or linked as a viewable page, and then download and pass the information on to others?

2. For absolute clarity, are you asserting that you have never entered password or non-password protected areas of the GFI computers or that you never downloaded files from nonpublic areas of GFI computers and passed them (or their URLs) to another party?

3. Did you access and download or retrieve in any form, guestbook information from GFI computers?

4. In Christianity Today, (November 13, 2000) your name appears in an article written by Kathleen Terner clearly stating that "GFI asked legal authorities to take criminal action against Rein."

We were not made aware of this event from GFI or any other source (either publicly or privately) until Christianity Today made it public. Do you know how CT obtained this information? If you did not provide it, did you make a written protest to Christianity Today for bringing this issue to
public awareness implicating you in something possibly worthy of criminal charges?

5. Are you aware of any documentation or meetings noting that VCU took administrative actions against you or that VCU exonerated you in light of GFI claims relating to an unauthorized entry into password protected areas of their computers?

6. Are you maintaining that VCU did not request that you remove your "RedRhino" site from their computers in response to GFl claims against you?

7. Would you please clarify for us the circumstances surrounding your departure from VCU? What date did you officially resign from VCU? If you did not resign, was your contract just not renewed for some reason? What was the reason? You mentioned that you were hoping to relocate back to the west coast closer to family. If you resigned due to taking another job, we would really appreciate seeing a copy of your resignation letter or whatever documented evidence you have to notify VCU that you would not be returning. If your contract was not renewed, please provide the date that VCU notified you. Did you know that your contract was not being renewed before you decided to look for another job?

8. Please explain in detail how you came in possession of two versions of a letter concerning Roy Maynard which were in the GFI computer. Did you pass that information to Kathy Nesper, or anyone else? Were/are you co-owner of the PAM list with Kathy Nesper?

9. Are you saying that you did not meet with VCU officials or anyone else concerning the GFI claim against you?

10. Have you at any time notified the Ezzos of information to be posted on your site which may have impugned their character or their ministry efforts to find out if your information was correct? Did you ever ask them for the other side of the story on any specific issue? Please list those topics which you have listed on your site that you have discussed with the Ezzos before your post.

11. Would you please give us a prepared statement as to why you feel it is necessary to have the ezzoinfo website along with your biblical justification for your site.

12. Are you denying that your Red Rhino site which contained your personal information about the Ezzos was on VCU computers? Please quote the VCU guidelines regarding the use of their computers that gave you permission to use them for your own personal, non-university related purposes
related to accessing the GFI computers and downloading information that was not made public or linked to a viewable page.

Now you know who "Shark Inlet" really is!!!

Sewertoons said...

howie, - I mean Gail or Norm, get lost.

Frank said...

interesting what a little (about 10 minutes) of research shows after which the anti-Shark contingent will eat some humble pie if they have half of a brain:

This Ezzo character who went after Rein is apparently quite the character in the Christian community as the report excerpt from Christianity Today (October 2007)to follow shows.

So Ososchange/GetReal/Mark and whoever wants to pile on Rein understand that you have made idiots of yourself by aligning yourself with the ramblings of Ezzo who is the equivalent of a cult leader who apparently uses questionable feeding practices for kids and all Rein did was challenge him (hmmm sounds familiar) showing Ezzo's methods to lack basis (hmmm sounds familiar) and so Rein has a similar position supported by the American Academy of Pediatrics (wow, that's a scary organization if I ever heard of one) whereas GetReal/Ososchange/Mark I guess must think the American Academy of Pediatrics are stupid because the AAP (like Rein) are concerned about kids being dehydrated from inappropriate feeding practices so the moral of the story is GetReal/OsosChange/Mark are comfortable with unscientific and unsafe practices for feeding kids which explains their unscientific thoughts on wastewater and just about everything else they ramble on below and weep you mindless idiots aka GetReal/Ososchange/Mark!!

'From Christianity Today, Online Edition, posted 10/27/2000
Unprepared to Teach Parenting?
Two churches long associated with Babywise author Gary Ezzo denounce his character and fitness for
Christian ministry.
By Kathleen Terner | posted 10/27/00
Two California churches have issued statements saying that Gary Ezzo, president of Growing Families
International (GFI), is unfit for Christian ministry. Both of the churches have interacted closely with Ezzo.
Ezzo and his wife, Ann Marie, developed the popular yet highly controversial infant-feeding program
outlined in Preparation for Parenting. They also developed the bestseller On Becoming Babywise and
several church-marketed programs for parents, including Growing Kids God's Way.
Living Hope Evangelical Fellowship of Granada Hills, California, officially "excommunicated" Ezzo on
April 30. Ezzo and his wife had already stopped attending the church.
The elders of Living Hope issued a statement saying they believe Ezzo is "biblically disqualified from all
public ministry" because of a lack of truthfulness, Christian character, and accountability.
Two other congregations have taken similar punitive measures against Ezzo in the past 20 years.
Living Hope is the congregation to which Ezzo said he was accountable when Sun Valley's Grace
Community Church, pastored by author John MacArthur, severed its support for Ezzo and GFI.
Grace Community is where Ezzo served as a staff member and first developed his parenting programs.
Grace disavowed all association with GFI in October 1997, publicly rebuking him due to divisiveness.
Grace Community also rejects GFI curriculum. "[Ezzo] failed to draw a clear line between what is biblical
and what is his preference," Phil Johnson, an elder at Grace Community, told the Southern California
Christian Times in September. "The whole thing is fraught with danger. It obscures what is biblical."
MacArthur issued a second statement on July 25, saying he believes Ezzo is disqualified "from Christian
leadership or public ministry in any context" and that character issues Grace brought to Ezzo's attention
years ago remain unresolved. More than 15 years ago, His Vantage Point Church in Laconia, New
Hampshire, asked Ezzo to step down as pastor-teacher in part because of his divisive conduct.
Churches are not the only ones severing ties to Ezzo and GFI. The accounting firm of Hamilton, Boynton,
and Speakman terminated its relationship with GFI in February. The firm has issued no corporate comment.
But Chris Hamilton, a partner at the firm, says Ezzo misled him personally regarding the firm's
investigation of whether GFI funds were misappropriated.
Further, several key GFI staff members have quit the organization. These actions have added to the
controversy surrounding Ezzo and GFI. The Ezzos' program for "parent-directed feeding" (PDF), their
advice about physical punishment for young toddlers, and the lack of independent research to support their
methods, have generated an international controversy among Christian leaders, pediatricians, and lactation
Apology requested
During a lengthy interview with Christianity Today in August, Ezzo said his critics have unjustly maligned
him and misrepresented the work of GFI. Ezzo told CT he is due an apology from Grace Community
Ezzo and GFI supporters dismiss criticisms, pointing to many success stories in which infants sleep through
the night and older children are more obedient when parents use GFI methods.
Bufe Karraker, senior pastor of Northwest Church is Fresno, California, says members of his congregation
have used GFI materials for seven years. Karraker declined to address the concerns of Grace Community or
Living Hope, but he reaffirmed what he considers the positive value of GFI curriculum.
"We have profited tremendously from the Growing Kids materials. We are going to continue using it
because it helps our people," Karraker said.
Children whose parents take the program are well-behaved and "the children whose parents don't are
terrors," Karraker said.
In response to his ouster from Living Hope, Ezzo submitted himself this year to two ad-hoc groups, which
examined Living Hope's findings. The first panel was composed of GFI regional representatives. The
second was made up of anonymous individuals who are "independent of GFI organizationally."
The GFI regional representatives said they could not endorse the discipline process carried out at Living
Hope, whose elders declined to meet with either group.
Living Hope has not provided specific details concerning Ezzo's alleged misconduct. Neither of the ad-hoc
committees found cause for Ezzo to remove himself from Christian ministry or GFI leadership.
Ezzo questions the motives of Living Hope's leadership. "If you have the Ezzos in your church and if the
Ezzos are leaving for some reason, that does create a dilemma," he told CR. "The idea of the threat of
church discipline against a national leader and the motive behind it is at least somewhat suspect."
Ezzo says the elders carried out the excommunication only after he expressed unnamed concerns with them
and then left the church voluntarily.
The Living Hope elders' statement tells a different story. It notes that, in accordance with Matthew 18, they
called upon Ezzo to acknowledge his offenses, pleaded with him to repent, and were saddened by his
"persistent unwillingness to respond to biblical admonition."
Ezzo also questions the integrity of the elders at Grace, saying their statement represents "blatant
deception." Grace was not willing to have its actions evaluated, he says, and "[we] believe they owe us a
public apology."
Ezzo's current pastor, Ron Seidel of Granada Hills Community Church in California, dismisses the
concerns of Living Hope's elders based on his belief that they mishandled the discipline of another Living
Hope ex-member who is an associate of Ezzo's and now attends Seidel's congregation.
Is Ezzo who he says he is?
An inquiry by CT into Ezzo's background surfaces many new questions about his training, his conduct, and
his professional interactions. Parents trust Ezzo to be professional and authoritative on parenting, yet many
are not aware that he has no professional background in child development, medicine, or breastfeeding
Ezzo, GFI, and his publisher have attributed to him three different academic degrees that he does not have.
Ezzo stated in writing that he had an associate's degree in business from Mohawk Community College in
Utica, New York, even specifying a major and a grade-point average. He never graduated from that school,
officials say.
GFI and Ezzo's publisher, Multnomah, have both said he earned a master's degree in Christian education,
but he holds no such degree. The master of arts in ministry that he does have gives significant credit for life
experience and is designed for noncollege graduates.
Ezzo has remained silent on at least two occasions when he has been publicly but erroneously referred to as
"Dr. Gary Ezzo." One of these was a national radio ad for one of his books.
A former Multnomah employee—responsible for the ad at the time—said that Ezzo may not have heard the
reference in the ad. But the former employee confirms that Ezzo listened to the ad and did not comment on
this error, although Ezzo did discuss other changes.
Three months after the radio ad aired, a church secretary in Billings, Montana, confirmed by telephone that
Ezzo requested no correction when he saw a bulletin listing him as the church's featured speaker and twice
calling him "Dr."
Questions about Ezzo's qualifications are relevant because his infant-feeding advice is inconsistent with
standard medical recommendations—but he stresses that following GFI programs is necessary for the
optimal development of children.
Both Babywise and Preparation for Parenting tell parents that not following PDF principles is a potential
health concern and that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) supports Ezzo's recommended number
of feeding times.
GFI's Web site displays an extensive chart listing the similarities between Ezzo's feeding recommendations
and those of the AAP. Parents are not told, however, that the AAP does not support scheduled feedings and
has in fact issued a media alert about the poor weight gain and dehydration that may result.
More specifically, AAP officers have passed both district-level and nationwide resolutions clearly stating
that Ezzo's PDF program "outlines an infant feeding schedule inconsistent with AAP recommendations."
Nevertheless, Ezzo told CR that the pediatricians' association is "starting to agree with us on a number of
issues—we're feeling pretty good about it."
Ezzo's books also tell parents that two leading breastfeeding authorities, Jan Riordan and Kathleen
Auerbach, support their recommended number of feeding times.
The books do not mention that Riordan and Auerbach's breastfeeding guide specifically warns readers of
failure-to-thrive babies associated with GFI programs.
Although Ezzo does instruct parents to feed babies when they are hungry, he also tells them that there are
"minimum" and "acceptable" times between feedings and warns them not to consistently feed sooner than
scheduled. This advice is what distinguishes PDF from advice given by any professional organization
dedicated to infant health.
In the past, Ezzo has claimed to have "hundreds of pediatricians" who provide him with "expert medical
advice." He has yet to release this list. Several years after first developing his feeding program, Ezzo did
add pediatrician Robert Bucknam as coauthor of Babywise. He also began listing a "medical advisory
board," including some pediatricians who speak to the benefits of the program in their own families and
Yet the scientific support for the medical validity of Ezzo's infant programs has been limited to the results
of GFI's own studies based on "convenience samples." Research professionals considered such data little
more than a collection of anecdotes.
Missing money: a public concern?
Recent financial woes at GFI have also heightened concerns about Ezzo's professional conduct. Chris
Hamilton of Hamilton, Boynton, and Speakman told CT that Ezzo requested the firm's involvement in an
"embezzlement investigation" in August 1999. Ezzo reversed himself by February 2000, telling Hamilton
that he had loaned money to his son-in-law, Robert Garcia, and that it was not a significant sum Ezzo had
earlier specified in writing.
Yet Garcia told CT that he himself misappropriated funds from GFI. At Garcia's request, Hamilton also
confirmed that money was, in his words, "embezzled."
There have been no criminal charges in connection with the misuse of funds. Reliable anonymous sources
told CT that nearly $500,000 was involved. (GFI has estimated annual revenues of $4 million, according to
media reports.)
Asked by CT about the financial problems, Ezzo said that "if there was any offense" it was against him and
his wife.
"It really doesn't matter, and it's not of any public interest," Ezzo said. "It has not had an effect on public
ministry, and therefore it's not something for public dialogue."
Shortly after the incident came to light, the Ezzos solicited donations through their Community Perspective
newsletter. They appealed to "every parent who is now experiencing a good night['s] sleep" because of
Babywise or Preparation for Parenting to send in a tax-deductible gift to the Ezzos' nonprofit arm, Christian
Family Heritage (CFH), to meet "the growing challenges across America and around the world."
CFH, which helps pay for parenting education, has not publicly released its annual report. CFH is not a
member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.
Intimidating critics
Ezzo has a well-established pattern of sharply rebutting his professional critics. He has characterized his
Christian critics as "wicked" and lumped them with others he calls "anti-God." He has described others as
"marsupial," "primitivistic," "prideful," and "theologically naïve."
Ezzo has also tried to intimidate those who write about him. In one striking case, after the newsweekly
World ran a story by senior writer Roy Maynard that detailed criticism of GFI, Ezzo concocted a
disparaging interview transcript from two previous phone conversations with Maynard. Ezzo sent letters to
World editor Marvin Olasky calling for an investigation and suggesting the magazine consider asking for
Maynard's resignation. He asked Maynard's church elders to take disciplinary action against him. Ezzo
wrote two markedly different versions of the interviews. Frank York, his editorial director at the time, says
there were no audiotapes.
Steve Rein, then a professor at Virginia Commonwealth, discovered the two theoretically verbatim but
differing interviews on GFI's Web site. In response, GFI asked legal authorities to take criminal action
against Rein, but no charges were ever filed.
York says Ezzo asked him on another occasion to obtain legal information about how to report Grace
Community's MacArthur to the IRS, but he asked York to conceal Ezzo's involvement in the request.
York recounts phoning, e-mailing, and faxing all correspondence with an attorney from York's home. He
paid fees with a personal check, later reimbursed by the Ezzos.
MacArthur's office says Grace Community is unaware of any IRS investigation. Because York became
concerned about the nature of these activities, he saved copies of documents to corroborate his account.
No plans for changes
During his exclusive interview with CT, Ezzo remained upbeat about GFI's future. But both Living Hope
and Grace Community paint a starkly different portrait of Ezzo. The elders' statement at Living Hope says,
"It saddens us to know that Gary has failed to repent of former sins which we confronted, and even sadder
still we have learned from him that he continues to widen the circle of his lies, slander, gossip, and false
"Because of his persistent unwillingness to respond to biblical admonition … we are fearful that Gary's
heart has been hardened…. In the end, it was his impenitence that caused us to put him out of the church."
Similarly, the recent statement by MacArthur notes that Ezzo still neglects to address the integrity issues
Grace brought to his attention years ago, even though he had promised to do so.
Asked by CT about his intentions for his future leadership of GFI, Ezzo replied, "I have no plans to make
any changes.
"We have no reason to change anything," Ezzo said. "[We] have no unresolved conflicts in our lives,
relational conflicts that impair our public leadership…. We really do attempt to fulfill Romans 14:19 to the
glory of God."

GetRealOsos said...


Frank is SharkInlet. SharkInlet is Steven Rein.

Steve, you missed the point. No one cares about your problem with GIF, it's what you, yourself did that was criminal and you must realize you did it to yourself.

You outed yourself because of your compulsive behavior and no amount of lengthy explanation will make you anything other than a chronic liar with no ethics and no credibility on this blog.

P.S. The truth always (eventually) comes out.

Shark Inlet (a.k.a. Stiv Neener) said...


Frank and I are different people. I have no idea who he is.

You seem to believe Howie rather than me ... the funny thing here is that the police sided with me on this matter. Nothing criminal happened.

I did not out myself. That was you and your own lack of knowledge (and my willingness to trust you even though you were wrong).

As for credibility ... I believe that yours has been called into question recently. Let's just take one small example. You said that I claimed to have moved to Los Osos in 95. I have never said this and you cannot prove that I did. The question is this ... why are you so darn sloppy with the truth?

Mike said...

Getrealosos is a very sick individual....!!!!

How far will he go to back his personal candidate and try to force the rest of the community to accept his choice as the only choice...??? Apparently he will go to every extreme until he emerges like another Saddam Hussein...

Getrealosos have no grip on reality, this is a small town CSD election, but getrealosos will smear anyone who gets in his way... I wonder how many files he has made on individuals in Los Osos... Are you in one of his files...?? Ann better watch her step...if she crosses words with getrealosos, he'll be hanging her dirty laundry out for all to see...

Getrealosos has no idea of truth... He has lied and spread rumors about every past Director and now candidate for the CSD... He knows he is lying and spreading rumor, but he continues... How sick it must be to only have that as your life's mission...

Churadogs said...

WARNING! WARNING! I need to remind the reader that the above postings were posed ANONYMOUSLY. As I have warned folks before, ANONYMOUS posters on this site and any other site have no credibility, so caveat emptor. If somebody has evidence of an actual "crime" that whoever is supposedly committing, take it to the DA, who, likely will snort through his nose and push the file off his desk. Dirty tricks and anonymous posted lies and spin and other made up stuff, while utterly lacking in ethics, are (alas) common practices by a whole lot of people. There are incredibly powerful financial and political interests at work in this community, so that buys and/or creates a lot of dirty tricks, cover-ups, misdirection and flat out pressure to do whatever certain interests want to see done.

The opinions expressed in the main body of this blog are mine -- real person, real name. All comments posted here in the comment section, even if they claim to contain somebody's "real" name, are ANONYMOUS and need to be treated as such.

Shark Inlet (a.k.a. Stiv Neener) said...


Thanks for the comment ... especially about the part where you write "Dirty tricks and anonymous posted lies and spin and other made up stuff, while utterly lacking in ethics, are (alas) common practices by a whole lot of people. There are incredibly powerful financial and political interests at work in this community, so that buys and/or creates a lot of dirty tricks, cover-ups, misdirection and flat out pressure to do whatever certain interests want to see done." That's a rather strong statement which OsosChange, Howie and GetReal may want to consider carefully before continuing. Continuing will simply reveal their lack of ethics. That not a single one of them has come to me personally with this issue first (for clarification) nor asked me whether I wanted to be outed reveals that it is, as Ann suggests, a political dirty trick ... an "October surprise".

Mike Green said...

Does anyone know if the LO Starbucks runs their taps full open all the time?
If they do like it says in the article at Uncoveredslo, I'd be pretty mad at em.
Story at

Just wondering.